A few weeks ago, I saw in a Watsons store that Neutrogena added a sunblock gel to their Hydro Boost line. Around the same time, I received a dinner invite from Neutrogena for the launch of a new formula for Hydro Boost.

I had a feeling Neutrogena will be launching the Hydro Boost sunblock along with the rest of the Hydro Boost line so I put off buying it until after the event, praying that they’ll have testers there.

Shortly after arriving at the venue (19 Castrillo St. Corinthian Gardens), Czar of OgilvyOne, introduced us to Via Abaño, Johnson & Johnson Senior Brand Manager for beauty. Via was nice, engaging, and I really liked her dress.

After our short chit-chat with Via, Peppermill Caterers served us a four-course (turned full-course, because Peppermill served us complimentary steak) meal. I’m not much of a foodie so all I can say is Peppermill Caterers served really good food. My favorites were the mild mushroom soup and the salmon steak entree.

Hannah of Flair Candy and Niko Falcon of Neutrogena Philippines hosted the event.

In the photo below, Via explains how the Hydro Boost line was created to address the common gripe asian women have with their moisturizers: greasiness. I must admit, I don’t mind greasiness anymore. Even without a moisturizer, my skin is sure to get greasy within 2 hours after washing. I’ve made peace with grease (rhyme!).

Given that, I can relate to Via when she said that many scrimp on moisturizer during the day or before applying makeup.

Here comes the fun part. They had us do 4 “Stick-Me-Not” experiments with the Hydro Boost Water Gel.

Experiment 1: Oil-blotting Film Test

Experiment 2: Cheek-to-Cheek Test aka “The Yuck Test”

Argie and I didn’t do the experiments chronologically, this is technically Experiment 1.

The lovely ladies from Neutrogena had as do beso with the Brand X side of our cheeks. The first thing Argie muttered was “YUCK!”

It felt like Arg and I have dried coke on our cheeks and we were forced to stick them together. This experiment got me a little paranoid, what if in one of my past besos, someone found my oily cheek sticky. Aaack.

Cheek-to-cheek with the water gel side was pleasant. I didn’t feel that split-second cling I felt with Brand X (By now, I know I sound like a Tide commercial, haha!).

Experiment 3: Makeup in A Minute

Of all, the experiments, this is my favorite. When I know I have to apply makeup, I don’t put moisturizer anymore. Being as oily as I am, I know better than to put another layer that’ll make all the make up slide off.

Result: In only 1-2 minutes after putting the water gel on my arm, I can already apply powder makeup smoothly. The makeup didn’t blotch and the makeup brush slid swiftly–no tugging.

Experiment 4: Styro Ball Challenge

I wasn’t able to take a photo of it, but when she lifted her hands perpendicular to the floor, the styro balls on Brand X hand were stuck.

After the activity, we were asked to go back to our seats and it turns out, I was right, they introduced an addition to the Hydro Boost line: a gel sunblock. They also introduced 2 Deep Clean facial washes.

The sunblock was what excited me the most. If it’s as non-sticky as the water gel is, it’s gonna be a staple on my skin care kit. It boasts SPF 30 PA++ rating good enough for everyday use. I was only looking forward to testing it, so imagine how stoked I was when they gave out a loot bag with the sunblock for me to try.

The invite came just in time. Jason Ester C Lotion, the moisturizer I’ve been using for more than 6 years got reformulated mid last year. I ran out early this year and I’ve been on a search-for-moisturizer phase since then.

I guess the final experiment is yet to come with me road testing the Neutrogena goodies I got ;)


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. weekends in the city Reply

    This is actually one of the FEW moisturizers I've actually repurchased. It's a pretty good makeup base.

  2. Michelle V.C. Reply

    Thanks for sharing! This is what I need for my skin. Off to Watson tomorrow. -)

  3. The Beauty Junkee Reply

    Hi Rae!

    Thank you for your correction on the FDR post. I was really thinking if it's ado or adieu, but went for adieu instead. That's what you get if you edit your posts at 4 am! Haha! :p

    Thanks again. :)

  4. Ang cool ng goodies, excited for your reviews! No to sticky sunblock and greasy moisturizers!

  5. You're oily pala sis? I thought Neutrogena Hydro Boost is for dry skin. Sounds like the event was fun! I was like “ewww” on the yuck challenge. HAHA.

    Update us on the goodies sis ;) I'd love to hear about the sunblock. :)

  6. I really love the Hydro Boost Moisturizer that I am already on my 3rd jar. :) Looking forward to your reviews of the Neutrogena goodies. :)

  7. Nice to meet you, Rae! Hope to see you again soon :) I've been using the moisturizers since Friday night and I must say they're working good for me!

  8. iknd, I used it before too. I can imagine that for dry to normal skinned people, the moisturization might not be enough. Hopefully, this one's better.

    But I'm really more excited for the one with SPF.

  9. Eye Candy (IKND) Reply

    I was using Hydro Boost before. Though it isn't too bad, I was not very impressed… but then again, my skin is hard to please anyway. LOL.

    I hope you like the samplers, though.

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