Some of my favorite beauty bloggers haven’t been putting up posts as often anymore. I know you notice it too, with some of your favorites. I also notice getting more and more feeds on my reader about blogging burnout, going on or coming back from a hiatus, and taking one step back to refocus.

When I started blogging, inspiration to write came instantaneously. I can come up with a post in 15 minutes, excluding taking photos and editing, but the latter are the easy parts. It’s coming up with words that is most difficult (at least for me it is).

From October 2011 to January 2012, I wrote barely anything. I seemed to have lost blogging mojo. I took those months to think about my life, why I’m doing the things I do, and where I want this blog to go. Also, around those months, I was introduced to principles of minimalism and I tried applying them in my life. The latter almost got me to quit beauty blogging altogether.

Anyway, in those months, I discovered why I lost blogging mojo:

  • I started not having fun anymore when I felt pressured to come up with something every few days. Now that I think about it… why the heck do I feel pressured to write for my own blog when in the first place, I started blogging to relieve myself fromu work pressure? This is my blog, and I can choose to write how often (or less often) I want to.
  • I started doing and buying stuff so that I’ll have something to blog about. Now, this isn’t really that bad. Afterall, we should deliberately make amazing stuff happen instead of just waiting for life to magically become amazing. But I think I know what’s wrong now. It’s not that I should stop deliberately making amazing stuff happen, it’s that I should stop deliberately doing stuff for blogging in itself and start doing stuff for me and then write about it.
  • I care too much what people might think. This is probably the worst, because this frame of thinking is very limiting. I blog as a hobby, and on Scatterbraintures, I write mostly only about grooming-related stuff because it’s sooo unrelated to my line of work. But it bothers me that strangers and acquaintances might think that my whole world revolves around ‘beauty’, that I’m shallow, and that ‘this’ is all I care about.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been back for quite a while now and I’ve been writing more or less regularly, which is ironic because I’ve long stopped trying to come up with something to write about.

Anyway, I’m glad I took those months off. It made me realize that:

I should do stuff for me and not for blogging. There is a difference between doing stuff for me and writing for me. I actually like writing for other people. I imagine myself talking to someone as I write. I can’t honestly say I’m purely writing for me.

It’s not writing for other people that takes away blogging mojo. It’s doing stuff just for the sake of blogging that ruins everything. Now, I do stuff for me and I try to write about in a way that adds value to other people’s lives. If I write only for me, I know I might come up with irresponsible blog posts, rants, and nonsense.

Writing about stuff that deviates from my true self takes writing inspiration away. The closest I am to myself, the more inspired I get. Sometimes, caring too much about what other people might think can make you write something that doesn’t really reflect who you are, and that can be tiring and chore-some.

I really hope I’ll read stuff from some of my favorite bloggers again soon. I also wish they’re only experiencing blogging burnout and/or ordinary life busy-ness — not devastating life events or whatnot. I miss them.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. This actually really helped a lot. Everything you said in this is exactly what I’ve been feeling in the past few days. Although I think I’m sort of over it now since I was able to write 3 posts in just one sitting. But still, I feel like, “okay, now what…”

    I think I just need some inspiration.

  2. great post, it really gives new bloggers a more detailed perspective of what blogging would be like later on the track, keep up the great work though!

  3. hi rae, what a great post. thank you for this, this is exactly what i needed.

    i love how you said that we shouldn't blog (or write) only for ourselves, because it may become just irresponsible rants. that what we should do is do something for ourselves not for the sake of blogging, and just write about it afterwards that would add value to other people's lives.

    the moment i read that, i knew i now have the right perspective.

    thank you, rae, and God bless!

  4. I just clicked on the link you just tweeted about your most recent post, then found myself reading a lot of other posts you've written. This is a great read because it reminded me why I fell in love with blogging in the first place. Thanks Rae, hope to see you again soon :)

  5. This is a great post.

    This is the reason why I don't write much (well, main reason is because I can't really write and I'm too lazy)…I just post pictures. LOL. Easier that way. I also disabled comments on my new (fat) blog because I just really want to blog for myself and be content being my snarky, superficial self  without having to worry about what other people would write in the comments box. I don't want outside influences anymore because I know I can get easily swayed by them.

  6. “It's not 'writing for other people' that takes away blogging mojo. It's doing stuff just for the sake of blogging that ruins everything.”

    I completely agree with this statement! And this is why I find it real hard to update my blog regularly. And why I stopped my Project 365 as well. :|

  7. PackRat/WildHare Reply

    I really like the way you put this! It's hard when you're keeping up a blog to strike that balance between making it interesting without making it feel forced or inauthentic. I just finished writing about how I don't feel the need to make my blog be all about one thing (beauty or food or whatever) because that wouldn't be authentic to me or why I started it. You're a smart girl! Love it! :)

  8. Thanks so much Angel (wonderwoma45), for the compliment and for sharing it on twitter.

  9. Jhaney, hopefully I won't. Writing/blogging is a very cheap stress-relief activity :D

    Anyway, I've give up watermarking my pictures. Iniisip ko na lang, if someone steals them, they wouldn't be able to steal the creativity that went before it.

  10. Gen-zel, thanks so much for the compliments. I'm happy I was able to inspire your to continue writing for your blog site.

  11. Argie (herroyalbleakness), don't hate me! I like you, haha. Thanks for the text, you're too sweet.

  12. Sarah, that's true. Readers (that include ourselves) know it what's written is bull….

  13. wonderwoman45 Reply

    This is a BEAUTIFUL post. Very well-written. Will be sharing it on my Twitter tomorrow. Keep inspiring with posts like these!

  14. I haven't blogged for a week now and I missed it a lot. I 've been so busy with work lately that I don't have much time to upload and watermark my pics. The reason I blog is that I get to record significant events in my life and it's my outlet on expressing myself.

    In this world of blogging, you can't please everybody so don't mind about what people say as long as you know what you're doing.

    I hope you won't stop from blogging.=)

  15. I just randomly found your blog and I'm thankful for that so I followed you right away. :) You're very smart and good in writing. I can relate well with your ideas about blogging. I blog too and I agree with all you've said. I now have more reasons to continue to blog for myself and not for others. Sometimes I get pressured everytime I read really good blogs most especially about beauty then it makes me wish to be like them but I always tell to myself that I must write what I want since it's my personal blog anyway, I can post anything, everything under the sun and my readers will appreciate me for being who I am. I love being practical, I buy products that I personally use and share my thoughts about it.

    Oh my! comment is too long haha sorry for that, anyway you really do inspire me. ;) Keep it up!

  16. Ho, ho, ho, Rae… you're too sweet. And too smart, too, i'm starting to hate you. Hahaha! I'll text you nalang. It's gonna be too mushy to read over cyberspace. :D

  17. Hair Extensions, true it can get into your nerves sometimes. Good thing I was able to let go of that. After all I'm more uncomfortable putting online anything and everything about me than with handling the assumptions of people of who I am.

  18. The heart of every post is being real. Your readers will feel that. As long as you continue searching for what matters most in life, even to the point of hurting, and have the ability to put words into paper, it is okay to have some lapses once in a while with blogging. You maybe surprised on how good a post will turn out when that happens.

  19. I can well relate. I keep three blogs and sometimes I get all flustered when some people really labels me into something as such with what I always write. It's not that I have let it sink in to me,but well sometimes it really does gets into my nerves..

  20. michisolee Reply

    i also noticed that, some bloggers that i really follow became inactive.
    i've read this somewhere “Don’t live to blog or blog to live, but live then blog”. this always reminds me that i will only blog if i have extra time, if i'm so stressed and i need “me time” =)

  21. hi Rae :) I really admire you with your writing! Hope you can inspire more bloggers like me :D

  22. Bee, you can make money naman without it feeling like work. I read this somewhere:

    “There’s nothing wrong with earning money; I simply prefer for it to result from what I write (not the other way around).” – @JFM

  23. as always, very well said (or written). :P

    I feel this applies to all bloggers, regardless of niche. for foodies, for example, there are some who actively hunt for new places, instead of the “organic” (perfect word that came from you) way non-bloggers have food discoveries. not saying this is not good, per se, but I think this leads to what you refer to as burnout. i know it has happened to me sometimes. :)

  24. When people tell me to make money out of my blog, I tell them that I don't want to because I don't wanna be pressured, I don't want it to feel like “work”.

    I am inspired in how you said that you write in a way that adds value to other people's lives. I'd love to do that too. It would make the time readers devoted to visiting your site worthwhile.

    Thanks for sharing this, it made me think more about my blogging. :)

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