A few months ago, C got engaged. Yey! C and her fiance, J, have been together for a decade now. It’s about time guys! C and I knew each other since 8 years ago, when I was still working in SGV. It’s been 4 years since I left and we’ve remained friends ’til now. If you know how it is working for an auditing firm or anywhere where life can get unreasonably hard, you’ll understand how deep friendships there can get. C and I are like sorority sisters along with the rest of our clustermates.

Now, enough with the personal blabber. This is my congratulations-for-getting-engaged-post for you, C.

I already got excited enough with the news of the engagement. I got even more excited when she sent me these:

Set 1: Bridesmaid Dresses
Set 2: Bridesmaid Dresses
Set 3: Bridesmaid Dresses

I’ve been a bridesmaid several times before, but this is going to be the first time I’ll get a dress that I’ll be able to wear again.

In my disbelief, I IM-ed C, and asked her if she’s sure of the choices she gave. She answered with, “Oo, basta pumili ka kung ano yung masusuot mo pa ulit. (Yes, choose something that you can wear again.)”

She even went on to say that I can look for more bridesmaid dress inspirations if I don’t like any of the designs she sent. At the back of my head, “Yesss, FREE DRESS!”

I’m thinking of getting a very tailored dress, because flow-y ones aren’t usually flattering on me. Also, the motif is midnight blue–frilly dresses can look old-ening in that color. My safest bet is to go with a dress with very clean lines and just adorn myself with accessories. Here are some more choices:

To make these dresses more bridesmaid-looking, I’ll ask the seamstress to make a bow or rose that I can attach (and subsequently detach) to the belt.

I think more brides-to-be should consider doing this. It’s more practical and earth-friendly. (But, I’m not the type to quash your dream entourage, so feel free to do as you please.)

Isn’t C, the best bride ever?


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  1. Badey, sayang, pero ok pa din naman, at least alterable. Yung iba, hindi talaga. Anyway, gusto ko yung gown mo nung wedding, I like the color

  2. I had the same idea for my girls, kaso hindi ko natutukan yung designer. She went ahead with her designs so everyone ended up in long gowns even if i wanted the brides maids to be in tea length dresses. Pero I made sure that no one on my entou wore satin or any shiny fabrics (no shiny stuff on my gown also, just a small smattering of glass beads!). One of my BM's actually said if she had her gown's length altered, she can use it for formal occasions. OK na rin :-)

  3. I approve of this very practical… practice. :-P

    Nice dresses to pick from, by the way.

  4. wowww! at habang tinitignan ko, nakikipili din ako! feeling ko bridesmaid din ako! hahaha! i want number 5 from set 2 and yung #2 and #3 from set 3!

  5. Mrs. Kolca, I'll consider it. But I'm not much of an fashion blogger :P

  6. I like #1 from set 1 and #9 from set 2. That “dessy” mint green dress is fab too. Hope you post wearing one of these dresses soon.

  7. I'm for practical bridemaid dresses din! Sayang nga kasi kung after ay sa closet na lang sya maninirahan…

    I think the 1st photo in the last set of dresses, ang dali nyan i-mix and match for different occasions after you wear it sa wedding.

  8. unsugarcoatedreviews Reply

    All the dresses are cute! You have a slim figure, keri mo lahat yan. ;)

  9. sugar sugar Reply

    best wishes to them! there are so many pretty dresses above. i'll probably end up picking more than just one… :/ but i like your idea. :D i think the one on the right looks very dainty.

  10. Ooohhh. I like Set 1 Number 3 kasi ang cool ng color! lol. Pero I'm not sure na cool pa din siya kapag Midnight Blue na.

  11. The one you're wearing on the photo looks perfect already. Classic tube dress with an edgy neckline.

    If it were me, I'll choose 6 from 3rd set. But I'll have to tape the tube on my chest–like tape it crazy. #2 from Set 2 has a vintage flavor which I also like. So that'll be my second choice. Now, I better quit dreaming that I'm one of the bride's maids. :/

  12. i like the third one among your choices rae. we've seen too many tube dresses in too many weddings (but i love tube dresses), so the third one seems a fresh idea. and the fact that's it in midnight blue, just lovely. =)

  13. Rys, maganda nga, kaso di bagay sakin yung ganung skirt. Pwede din siguro ganung silhouette yung top, tapos pencil cut sa bottom.

  14. Mish, true, sayang. Yung iba gusto ko nga i-convert at gawing pillow case, lalo na yung mga satin.

  15. Actually, maganda nga lahat. :P Factor lang talaga na hindi ganun ka flattering sakin yung soft or flowy fabric.

  16. NinMonster Reply

    I like your first choice! Bet ko rin yung 3rd. I'm also drooling over almost everything C sent you. :))

    Btw, I have a giveaway going on! Hope you could join :D

  17. Wow! First appearance ko sa Scatterbraintures. I like the the white dress (leftmost in the bottom set of three), I'm not sure if that will look good in Navy Blue though.

  18. The first dress is so beautiful! So tea party like <3

    I love your choices though! I think bagay sayo yung 1st :)

  19. i like the first one among your choices. simple but looks very elegant and classy. perfect for other occasions din :)

  20. I agree. Sometimes kasi yung mga dress used sa wedding, di na magagamit ever! Sayang naman. Anyway, I like lahat! :)

  21. i like dress no 2 from set 1 :) sexy yet parang pa-demure with the ruffled sleeves hehe

  22. Wow! First appearance ko sa Scatterbraintures. I think the white dress (leftmost in the bottom set) looks good. Will that look good in midnight blue?

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