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Project Fit and Toned: The First Month

It’s a little over a month since I started Project Fit and Toned Take 2 and I’ve lost roughly 10 lbs since March 08. Yey! From 124 lbs, I now weigh 114.4 lbs. Here’s my March 08 photos:

Weight-wise, 10 lbs seem like a lot of weight loss but pictures don’t lie. It appears I didn’t lose much fat at all (perhaps I only lost lean mass? Not good). Be that as it may, I did notice small improvements:

  • My navel doesn’t show that much anymore. It shows in the current photo because the tank top is so stretched out that it became sheer.
  • My tummy is now poochy-looking at the bottom compared to before, when it’s more rotund over-all.
  • My saddlebags seem smaller now. If I didn’t put my hands on my hips in the first batch of photos, this would’ve been more obvious.
  • My arm circumference seem smaller. Again, it didn’t show in the photos because my hands were on my hips the last time.

Here’s my April 13, 2012 photos (there’s a typo on the watermark):

Notice that I wore the same tight-fitting tank top. I did that on purpose because that’s the next best thing to posing half-naked. If I wear the same outfit every time I take an update-photo, it will show the improvement (or non-improvement) more evidently.

So, how did I lose the 10 lbs.? It was simple, but it wasn’t easy. I halved my rice serving, significantly lessened my sugar intake, drank only water most of the time, and slept around the same time and duration everyday (7 to 8 hours). Overall, those were the only changes I did.

I worked out only sporadically over the past month. On average: once a week. I did a few sessions of P90x, ran around the compound, and played XBOX Kinect games. I intend to increase my physical activity in the coming weeks.

Incidentally, I received an unexpected message from Coach Rissa of Pinay Fitness a few days after my first Project Fit and Toned entry.

One-on-one sessions, to be availed of for free in exchange of the following:

  • Before and after shots for the blog
  • Weekly photos and measurements to be posted in the Pinay Fitness Community Facebook Page
  • Documentation on your personal blog of your personal thoughts of the program and how it has affected your fitness goals.

It will be a four-week plan of 2x a week training (40 to 60 minutes of exercise per session done outdoors: Bonifacio High Street/ University of Makati Oval.) The program also include:

  • Lifestyle and Weight Evaluation
  • Postural Analysis
  • Food Intake Analysis
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Strength Exercise Program/ Prescription
  • Nutrition Program
  • Weekly Performance/ Progression Evaluation

It seems like a good deal. First, because it’s free. Second, because they didn’t state anywhere in the message that they will prevent me from posting blog entries they disapprove of. Third and most importantly, I support their cause. I first met them last Tuesday and they explained to me their advocacy.

Pinay Fitness wants to promote fitness as a way of life. They advocate being fit and healthy instead of losing weight through pills, liposuction, and weight loss “fat blasting” machines. They want to share their personal stories on how being fit has empowered them as individuals.

I’m all for losing weight the natural way. I’m in!

Eventually, Pinay Fitness will make programs for over-all fitness (e.g., personal finance fitness, emotional fitness) Isn’t that exciting?


  • The lady taking my measurements is Coach Xhi of Pinay Fitness. She recently gave birth and already she’s back to work!
  • The Project Fit and Toned support group is up! So far, 3 has joined: Bee, Kim, and Anna. The links to their blogs and their fitness-related entries are here. Check them out.


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