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Project Fit and Toned (Take 2): Square One

In June of last year, my workmates and I started a fitness and weightloss project called: The White Shirt and Jeans Project. Our objective was simple: to look good in plain white shirt and jeans by the end of the year.

The project didn’t push through. In fact, I gained even more weight than before. I’m now 124 lbs heavy, 6 lbs shy of my heaviest weight. For a 5 feet flat tall person, that’s overweight.

Before the White Shirt and Jeans Project, I already started Project Fit and Toned which did not push through as well.

I’m already getting frustrated with myself until I stumbled upon Trading Pounds. Steph, the author of Trading Pounds, documented her journey to losing weight and gaining her life back. To date, she already lost almost 200 lbs — from 411 lbs she now weighs 215.6 lbs. She inspired me to stop being such a wuss, stop with the excuses, and JUST DO IT.

I’ve been doing P90x and limiting my food portions since March. I’ll write about everything I’m doing in another entry. For now, here’s my square one photo.

After reading her about page and her stories, I’m back with a vengeance. I’ll go back to eating healthy and being active.

This time, I won’t have goals. Strange, I know. I guess goals, e.g., milestones, targets, deadlines aren’t for me. It’s difficult to set challenging yet attainable goals when it comes to weightloss.

I realized that no matter how many goals you set, when you’re not motivated, goals won’t get you to achieve anything. You have to be motivated instead of goal-oriented. I’m letting go of goals for now. If it turns out not good for me, I can always set goals again.

I will JUST DO IT. No buts, no ifs, no BS. I won’t measure myself anymore. Instead, I’ll post photos every month or so, to I see how I’m progressing. I did it before. I can do it again.

Bee of Before I Turn 25 is joining me on this journey. Initially, she was ok with being overweight. But for health reasons (i.e., back problems and PCOS), she has to lose weight and take her health seriously.

Wish us luck.

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