I have a lean makeup brush collection.  I have 8 brushes, and one of them is not technically a brush–it’s a smudger. Here’s 6 of the 8, and this is how I dry them:

easy way to dry makeup brushes

I hang them upside down on a clothespin hanger.  I pin the slimmer ones straight up.  For the fatter ones: I place them in a brush protector secured with elastic bands so they can be pinned.

I find this the most convenient way to dry makeup brushes–the water doesn’t get into the ferule and I don’t have to worry about finding a hygienic flat surface to lay the brushes on.

The smaller brushes dry in less than 4 hours while the bigger ones dry overnight.  After they dry, I store them in a small organizer drawer, like this:

suesh makeup brush guard

* * *
I bought the brush protectors at Suesh for Php 250.  Shipping fee is Php 50.


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  1. serendipity0017 Reply

    Will grab some brush protectors, soon! 

    Thanks for this :)

  2. This is by far the best method I've seen. I don't have the brush guard yet but I'm planning to get myself for my makeup brushes.

  3. I strap mine upside-down on a chair's “ears”. Also, I use paper towels because I'm so paranoid that dust is everywhere in our house! Kapitbahay kasi namin yung mall so feeling ko ang alikabok samin.
    Anyway, mainit mata ko sa Shiseido perfect foundation brush mo :D

  4. Sumi, the brush protectors are useful. Esp if you store  your brushes in a drawer like I do. It keeps them in shape.Christine, true, convenient ;)

  5. Wow, I've never thought of using a clothespin hanger.. :D All this time I've been having a hard time mounting the handles of my brushes so they'd be elevated.. XD And I really need to buy some brush guards since I mostly use face brushes.. >.<

  6. ileOdarod, you're welcome
    Gellie, yes, hindi nga sya makapit on slimmer brushes.

  7. I can't believe I haven't thought of this at all. thanks for the information! 

  8. Gellie Abogado Reply

    My prob with the brush guards from Suesh is it doesn't fit small brushes… :s

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