Finally, I finished the tub.  Here it is:

I love finishing toiletry products, I feel like I got my money’s worth… and I did.

I bought a tub of Asian Secrets Lulur after a beach trip last May.  I seldom buy body scrubs, though.  I usually rely on household grains (i.e., salt and sugar) for my scrubbing needs.  When I do buy body scrub, it’s usually because I want to bring spa at home or because I’m afraid that my trusty household grains could be too harsh.

A photo of Asian Secrets Lulur after I first tried it.

The Feel

One of the best things about this scrub is the grit–they’re almost uniformly-sized.  Uniformly-sized grit equals even exfoliation.

I also love that it comes in a creamy moisturizing base.

The Scent

It smells faintly like jasmine and sweet flowers–very spa-smelling.

The Experience

At first, I didn’t get the feel I expected coz I didn’t know that I was supposed to use it on dry skin.  When I did, it made a lot of difference.  I felt how dense the grains were and how they’re just the right size.  If you want to experience gentle yet extreme exfoliation, this should be one of your go to scrubs.

My favorite part of using this is when it’s about to dry out as you massage it onto your skin.  It’s a very envigorating feeling and you really feel as if all the dead skin is getting sloughed off.

The Result

This is a good exfoliator.  But don’t expect it to be like a magic exfoliator that will significantly out-perform most other physical exfoliators like salt or baking soda).  It does what it does–it exfoliates.

That being said, this has a major advantage–it’s not drying.  Salt or baking soda, when used alone, can leave your skin a little drier, unless you mix them with oil.  But that’s messy.  This comes in a lotion-y base that, I guess, keeps the skin from drying out.

As far as whitening goes, I don’t know.  I wasn’t paying attention to the whitening effects coz I didn’t really expect it to do that.  After all, you wash it off.  If anything, the exfoliation does the brightening effect on the skin.

Other Notes

  • The BEST things about this scrub is that it doesn’t break the bank. It costs only 130php for a 250g. tub.
  • Some prefer that this come in a bigger tub.  I’m good with a smaller tub though.  I love trying out different things and I might end up wasting product if I get bored with it.
  • Will I buy again?  Maybe, but not soon.
  • Do I recommend this?  Yes, for the experience.  If you’re unsure but you want to try it, it also comes in a smaller tub that costs 80php.
  • You can buy it at Watsons, Mercury Drug, Shopwise and Rustans Supermarket.

Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Yes. I deleted my wordpress account already. Thank you very much for watching my videos and for the support. I appreciated it Ms. Rae. :)

  2. I use this right now but in other variant. The purple one with the licorice and mulberry leaf extract po. :) mas prefer ko po ito kesa sa abonne kasi mas fine ang scrub niya. Ako po si renrai23 sa gtalk. hehe. xoxo

  3. Scatterbraintures Reply

    Hey! Girltalk sister! :) Siguro yung ibang humectants dun sa cream compensates for the drying effect of mineral oil.

    Napansin mo din pala yun, ironic how oil makes skin drier.

  4. jen bardos Reply

    ang tagal k0 nang gustong itry to,buti na lang may ngreview nito..tnx~ tnx~ gonna buy one really soon!:) 

  5. wow sis!! thanks for sharing- so timely! having dry dark elbows and knees- i thik because of pregnancy… 80pesos! not bad i want i want.. i will try this swear! 

  6. Scatterbraintures Reply

    @SugarPao, minsan nakakasawa din ang pa-ulit ulit :P 

  7. saccharine0158 Reply

    great review dear! i have finished about 3 tubs of this product. :) but i have never gotten around to buying another tub. ;)

  8. Scatterbraintures Reply

    I can't see how this won't work as an exfoliator. Maybe they did put it on wet skin.

    In my case, I really feel the grit.

  9. Wow! At long last may nag review na din na nakaubos na nito. Now im gonna buy na! Thanks girl.

  10. Maria Kristela Austria Reply

    I love this scrub! Tanggal ang dry skin ko lalo na sa elbows. In fact, my mom also uses this. Pati siya naging believer of this product. :)

    A little request if you don't mind- please visit and like SISTERS AND FRILLS on Facebook. My sister and I are the owners of this accessories store. Hope you like a thing or two as well. Thanks! :)

  11. I seriously love this scrub! It works as long as you follow the directions. Some complain about it not working, maybe they don't apply it dry and wait for a few minutes, then rinse. If you try rubbing your skin once the scrub has been rinsed out, you'll see dead skin cells coming off. Maybe they apply it wet? Haha!

    I don't know. Different strokes for different folks. Maybe they want something that they really feel scrubbing their skin. But as for me, this scrub rocks!

  12. This is my favorite scrub. It really does exfoliate (very gently) and leaves the skin moisturized as well. I have even used it on my face a coupla times or so and I didn't break out or anything.

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