My toner is six fluid ounces (150 ml.) and lasts me at least 4 months.

At the time when this photo was taken, the toner is 5 months old and is still a quarter full.  Note that I use this morning and night and I don’t use any other toner.

I didn’t really notice at first that my toner lasted that long, but when I did, I realized that it’s probably because it comes in a spray bottle.  You might want to consider moving your toner into a sanitized spray bottle.

Anyway, since my toner already comes in a spray bottle, here are other things I do to make it last longer:

1 – I use a cotton pad instead of a cotton ball.  Cotton balls seem to soak up too much product that I end up putting more of the toner on the cotton ball instead of my face.

2 – I have a tendency to keep spraying toner on the cotton pad until I feel that it’s a little bit soaked. A solution I thought is to split the cotton pad apart. The split up half will be thinner and would only take 2 to 3 sprays to get soaked up.

3 – Do away with cotton pads altogether. Some toners nowadays have a slightly more viscous consistency that you can apply then directly on the skin.

By the way, I’m currently road-testing Pimple Clear Facial Toner and so far, I’m loving it.

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  1. Scatterbraintures Reply

    Cool, I hope you do a skin care routine entry soon. Your face looks so flawless in the photos on your blog :)

  2. Diana C. Mendoza Reply

    i like cotton pads too! and yes, i can't wash my face with water only.. will definitely breakout~ my skin is so oily and sensitive.. acne prone too! i only use dermaline soap, toner and antibiotic + cheap monthly facials from dermaline. so far so good~my skin is cleared.

  3. Would you recommend that toner you use?

    & btw my blog is having a fabulous GiveAway you can't miss out on, check it out and let me know what you thing.


  4. That's true about using a cotton pad than a cotton ball. And I'm always amazed with people who are so diligent with their beauty routines. I often skip the toner most of the time. Actually I haven't used one since 2007! lol
    PS. Oh Rae I missed 2 days too! I'm so ashamed! lol But I'm really enjoying and still gonna continue. I'll just make bawi, I promise!

  5. Scatterbraintures Reply

    I remember a magazine article quoting Tweetie De Leon saying she just washes her face everyday with water and nothing else.

    Maybe if you're skin mechanism is not messed up, that's the best thing to do.  :D

    I can't do that :( Coz I'm extremely oily and acne prone.

    Maybe your newborn baby is making you pretty and blooming! She's such a blessing.  Above all else, beauty comes from general wellness.

  6. I have not used toner (or any other skin care products) for weeks now, but for some reason my skin actually looks healthier. Err.

  7. Scatterbraintures Reply

    Another good reason to use a cotton pad is that it doesn't leave cotton bits(?) or strands on the face :D

  8. saccharine0158 Reply

    I transferred the contents of my toner into a spray bottle too! And I also use a cotton pad because I think it's more gentle on my skin than regular cotton pads. :)

  9. Scatterbraintures Reply

    I like it a lot :) The Ester C line didn't break me out. I should make a review soon :D

  10. hi sis, is this ok for oily skinned people? been wanting to try this out. im thinking of this and the ester c face lotion

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