If you’re looking for a white/ nude liner for the waterline, this is not it.

I did not check makeupalley nor did I do any googling before buying this, so… that’s lesson learned.

Now off to spilling out why I don’t think you should buy this.

ELF Pearl White Eye Widener

Formulation.  This is a soft pencil but not in a good way.  Think of an eyeliner that’s overheated with a hair blower–unusably melted.  It’s not smudge-proof nor water-proof.

Packaging.  It has a very nifty plastic sharpener cap (see the photo above) that doesn’t fit the pencil well.  It falls off all the time.  If for some reason you like this and decide to bring it with you–I say, DON’T (or at least, secure it with a cellophane tape).  Loose cap + melted eyeliner combined is not a good idea.  It will create a silver mess on the (probably cute) lining of your bag.

Color.  This liner looks silvery white on the pencil.  But when you apply it on the skin, it’s more silver than white.  It seems pigmented, as shown in the photo below–but on my waterline, it’s barely there.

ELF Pearl White Eye Widener

Staying Power.  If you can get it to show on your waterline, it can last you a (not so) good 30 minutes to 2 hours.

I tried using it on the inner corners of my eyes, on the browbone, and on the cupid’s bow–it didn’t even last ’til lunch.

ELF Pearl White Eye Widener

Value for Money.  This costs Php 99 and despite it being cheap, 99 still costs too much for this product.  I felt like I bought a good sharpener for Php 99.  The sharpener consoled me.

Application.  This doesn’t glide easily on the waterline.  You need to apply it over and over for the pigment to show, and when it does, it’s barely even there.  You’ll just end up hurting your eye.

Also, since it’s creamy-melted–it clumps on the lashes.  Parang meron kang sosyal na silver na muta.

Naalala ko, the last time I put this on after a day of swimming, a friend told me, “Rae, may naiwang sunblock sa mata mo.”  After that, I never put it on my waterline again.

Now, if you use it as a highlighter or cream eyeshadow, apply it ever so lightly, else, you’ll break the tip of the pencil (yes, that’s how soft it is).  Also, don’t expect it to last. If you’re oily, you’d have to reapply every 2 hours (or less)

Would I recommend this?  No, not even for off-label use.

Would I buy it again?  No

Bottomline, even if you see something cheap on the shelves, TRY not to buy it unless you’ve already googled it or atleast heard something good about it (still a lesson I need to learn).

Credit to elfcosmetics.com for the feature image | Originally posted on May 21, 2011.


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  1. Oh gosh me too! I thought it would be nice for those days that I wake up with bloodshot eyes (I don’t drink or smoke or anything but late nights will do that to me) but it just sucked. I bought a bunch of the e.l.f. eyeliners and most of them were duds. They were either crumbly, dry, and/or not pigmented. The two colors I like are no longer available. They were a pale pink and shimmery light taupe color.

    A good eye brightener that I love is the Rimmel London Waterproof Kajal Eyeliner in 005 Nude. It’s around $5 USD and while it isn’t waterproof, it’s one of the few liners that stay in my waterline for more than 1 hour (around 4 hours before I see major fading and need to reapply). It doesn’t tug much and is pigmented. Another one is the Pixi Eye Bright Liner. I’m not sure what shade I got it in since it’s rubbed off but it’s a twist up if you don’t like sharpening your liners. That one lasts pretty well but isn’t any better than the Rimmel.

    I’ve also tried the NYX Wonder Pencil but couldn’t get past the wooden pencils from primary school smell. It was also really dry and tugged my waterline like crazy. I use it as a nude lip liner and it’s okay. Looks kind of funky because I got it in Light (for the waterline) but it doesn’t really match my skintone (so no to the concealer claim) but as a lip liner, it at least brightens my mouth area (can look dark from all the acne blemishes and post acne hyperpigmentation marks).

  2. I'm quite disappointed with the pencil. From the way you described it, it reminded me of a ten peso eyeliner I bought from school before(though it's matte white rather than a silver). I also checked MUA and it got a pretty low rating. Well, in my experience most ELF products are a miss. :P sayang

  3. I was disappointed too :(

    I realized that even if something's cheap, it doesn't mean you won't feel upset if it doesn't work.

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