This is a staple in my makeup–hmmm—container (?).  Usually, ladies have a dresser or a kit or a traincase.  But I’m not much of a makeup user/ junkie (at least not yet), so all of the few that I’ve accumulated can still fit in a little  3x4x2-inch dimension bag.  I’m trying to learn makeup since the beginning of the year so I guess my collection should grow.

Avon Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint

Moving on with my experience on Avon’s Lip and Cheek Tint…

I can’t remember how many tubes I’ve used of this.  I only put it on during days when I look tired and sleepless or when I expect the day to be extra-stressful.  I can’t be ugly and stressed at the same time.  Following is what I think of this product.


It’s liquid and is not creamy in anyway—think red water.

Avon Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint
The product is made up of water, propylene glycol, glycereath-7, triacetate, polysorbate 20, triethanolamine, carbomer, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, terasodium EDTA, SD alcohol 40-B, fragrance, dimethicone, disodium EDTA, red 33, red 4.

At the time when I wanted to shift to organic or natural products–this one I just couldn’t give up. (Now, I made peace with synthetic chemicals and appreciated their importance :P)


It comes in tube with a roller ball.  I’m good with that I couldn’t think of any other way to dispense this product.  It can be stored lying down and it doesn’t spill.


On the bottle, it looks like a cranberry juice concentrate.

When blended on the cheeks, it looks like sunburn in a good way.  It’s the same flush I get when I spend a few minutes under the sun.  Note that I have yellow undertones and I turn to a golden brown color when I’m on the beach.  I don’t know how it would look like on other people.

Avon Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint

When blended on the lips, it’s a hot pink color on me, and since I’m going for the natural look– I didn’t like that.  When I use it alone I look like I ate pink cotton candy.  If I use it on the lips, I put sheer lip balm or lipstick on top.  It makes a good base.

I’m not sure if they have any other shade.

Staying Power

This product lasts the whole day.  I don’t usually bring it with me because I didn’t ever need a touch up.  They should consider naming it a stain instead of a tint because it’s splash-resistant.  That being said, it’s not difficult to wash off.

Value for Money

This is dirt cheap for something that works so well.  It costs Php99 from an Avon Lady.  I have to mention that I got my current tube for free from Edna, my office friend (Thanks Edna!).


The smell!!! I dislike that it has fragrance.  But since it does, they should’ve made it smell good.  This is my biggest gripe on this product.  If you smell it from the tube, it smells like sweat off someone who put on sweet-smelling perfume.  For that reason alone, I’m still on the look out for another tint.


The packaging says—for lips, apply to lower and upper lips.  Press lips together to blend.  For cheeks, apply small streak on each cheek and blend evenly with fingers to achieve a sheer finish.

Because the product is dispensed on a roller ball, I don’t streak it on my cheeks.  The liquid is not dispensed consistently.

After putting on hand sanitizer I roll some on my ring finger and dab/ blend until the color builds up to the intensity I want.  That way, I’m sure both of my cheeks are evened out.  I put it on my cheek bones for that sun-kissed look.

This should not be too difficult to blend in.  It doesn’t dry up too fast before you can even it out.  For more control, it’s best applied with fingertips but it will stain it.

Skin Reactions

It didn’t break me out nor caused me allergy which is a big plus.

Would I recommend this?  Yes

Would I buy it again?  Yes

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Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I’ve tried this before… but I’m not a fan of tints at all… I guess it’s because of my very oily skin. :P Have you tried the Ellana one? I actually liked it… but I switched back to powder blushes after a week or so because I just like the matte finish of powder blushes. lol

    • I used to be just a tints person. Now I like powders more na din :P Mas madaling i-control yung intensity :D

  2. dirt cheap! I’m not a fan of tints because I take my time when applying blush and I don’t want to end like a rag doll with red circle on cheeks and benefit’s famous cha cha tint is not that wallet friendly so I’m looking at korean stores for a “nice” tint but I may start with this from Avon. and I’m with you with the “you can’t be ugly and stressed at the same time”.

    • Hahaha, I think this is even better than chacha. The longevity is better and it’s easier to spread. If you find difficulty looking for this, the one from Ever Bilena (Evera) is comparable.

  3. Oooh. I love cheek/lip tints and this one looks good. I'll probably ask my mom to get me one (we don't have Avon here). I don't think I'd mind the smell. LOL

  4. I think they have 2 shades now.  I haven't tried the one that comes in a doe-foot applicator yet.  But I'm sure I'll get to buy that, wala nang roller e.

  5. Chriselle Sy Reply

    I have this, but mine comes with a doe-foot applicator rather than a roller. I like that better because I'm more capable of controlling the product.

    Honestly I will keep repurchasing this and I hope Avon develops new shades. I love this lip/cheek tint! Stays ALL DAY on me!

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