Evening Skincare Routine – End of 2017 Update

I had my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago and my dentist mentioned how good my skin looks. I usually attribute skin compliments to whatever foundation I’m wearing, but I wasn’t wearing any foundation that day so it must be my skincare routine for the second half of the year (the last time she saw […]

2018 Focus Points

Not considering everything happening in the world, my 2017 ended well. I started the “Year of Rae” project where I would make deliberate changes to get more of my sh*t together. I was supposed to document this for accountability but the looming thought that I need to write about my activities afterwards, as I simultaneously […]

Lipz Diva Silky Matte Lipstick in Lucky Review and Swatches

One of my recent most used lipsticks is Lipz Diva Silky Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lucky. I love the formula! It dries down matte and sets completely. This is one of the more comfortable and lightweight matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried (note, however, that I generally like matte liquid lipsticks). The consistency is thin and […]