I started 30 Days of Real Food yesterday.  My diet for most of the 1st quarter was unhealthy. In my 2018 Focus Points post, I said:

  • I’ll start strength-training and building some muscle
  • I’ll get my waist-to-height ratio to 47% by the first quarter of the month; and
  • I’ll achieve a fasting blood glucose of < 80 mg/dl waking up

None of that happened.  I’m disappointed in myself, but I’m trying to get over it by focusing on what I can do instead.

30 Days Real Food Scatterbraintures C


I’m following the rules from the Whole 30 website (click the link to find the specifics for each item below). I don’t think I’ll follow their list to the letter. My notes are italicized:

Do not consume added sugar, real or artificial.
— This is ok, artificial sugar triggers my IBS.

Do not consume alcohol, in any form, not even for cooking.
I just bought Bignay Wine from my workmate. I’ll give the bottle to my dad 😭.

Do not eat grains.
I will eat rice occasionally. 3 meals/week max? We’ll see. It will depend on my morning glucose meter results.

Do not eat legumes.
I will still eat these occasionally. Green beans = ♥️.

Do not eat dairy.
For everything except butter, I will comply. I can’t digest too much dairy anyway.

Do not consume carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites.
I should spend time googling what carrageenan and sulfites are, but I’ll try my best to check for them in food labels. MSG is controversial. Some say it’s fine but since I’m avoiding processed foods which usually include MSG, I should be ok.

Do not consume baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients.
Wish me luck. 😟

Vinegar, salt, and canned tuna are my exceptions. I also want to cook meals with tomato sauce. I’ll just avoid those with high-fructose corn syrup and (added) sugar listed on the label.

30 Days Real Food Scatterbraintures B

More Rules / Guidelines

I will do a liberal low-carb diet (max of 100g/day) because I’m trying to fix my insulin resistance. This means I need to avoid high-sugar fruits too (e.g. starchy fruits like apples, bananas, melons etc).

I decided not to do any strenuous exercise as I try to reset my eating habits because I DON’T WANT TO DIE. I’ll continue doing light exercises (mostly just walking 😂) as I did the past 3 months. Maybe I’ll eventually add something like 10 squats a day, but basically I don’t want to introduce so many big changes to my body. Baby steps. I advocate not pushing one’s self too much, hehehe.

I will not be counting calories. I will go for intuitive eating instead. However, I have a tendency to binge eat like a goldfish even when I’m not hungry, so I’ll really try to pay attention to my hunger and satiety cues.

I might post daily accountability stories on Instagram but I don’t know if I can follow-through til the end.

* * *

Hopefully, I’ll report favorable results in 30 days. I don’t have a target weight or waistline, but I’m curious to find out what will happen. Starting measurements:

  • True Waist (taken from narrowest part of the waist) – 29.5 inches
  • Weight (taken first thing in the morning) – 125.6 lbs
  • Blood Glucose (taken before my first meal of the day) – 75 mg/dl yay!!! (last month I’m either very low or very high)