Habit 2: Sleep For At Least 6 Hours A Day

This Habit Project is still going strong, friends. I just wasn’t able to post an update last weekend.

Habit 2 wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Except for one day last week that I had to stay longer in the office, I slept 6 hours every day.

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Habit 1: Exercise Daily

Everyone, I did it! I exercised for 7 consecutive days!!!

I feel proud of myself.

I started last Sunday. I picked a random upper body dumbbell workout video on YouTube and followed it. It’s not the smartest way to kick-start working out. I should’ve googled do’s-and-don’t’s for beginners, because the following day I was so sore I almost couldn’t lift a tall glass of water. I wasn’t sure if my loving husband was concerned or was mocking me when he asked, “how are you, are you dying???”, haha!

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Week 0: The Year of Rae

The title of this post was inspired by Happy Endings, a not so well-known tv show that sadly got cancelled. Penny, one of the characters in Happy Endings, declared the year when she would get her life together as The Year of Penny.

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