I semi-regularly read Money Diaries on Refinery 29 to help me get into a more frugal mindset. I don’t know why I never thought of googling for Philippine-based entries. Around 2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon Kat’s blog and her Money Diaries series which inspired this post.

Until now, I’m still hesitant to publish this. I feel like I’m revealing too much and opening myself to judgment, but, fuck it. I hope this will help me become more mindful of my spending.

I don’t plan on posting Money Diaries every week for the rest of the year–maybe only until I develop healthy spending habits like they’re second nature to me.

APRIL 21, 2018 (SAT)

I usually spend my Saturdays sleeping to make up for the past workweek’s poor sleeping habits.

I stayed home but spent Php 1,050 on groceries (via Honest Bee).

Total: Php 1,050.00


APRIL 22, 2018 (SUN)

My husband and I usually go on a date on Sundays. We watched A Quiet Place (Php 220) and ate Curry Pork Tonkatsu at Coco Ichibanya (Php 600).

We also went grocery shopping (again?!) and spent Php 1,550.60. I started bringing packed lunch to work and I’m afraid of getting hungry, ok? But seriously, I might have bought too much food. I’m relatively new to cooking and I’m still getting familiar with ingredient quantities and serving sizes. Anybody else finding it hard to cook for two?

We capped the night off with coffee (Php 120). Transportation home costed Php 83.

Note: My husband and I split everything 50-50 (give or take). We split the mortgage. I pay for food and he pays for the utilities (including internet and association dues). Date-related expenses are most of the time split as well.

Total: Php 2,573.60

APRIL 23, 2018 (MON)

I have a standard 8-hour job and an unhealthy coffee habit. I spent Php 140 on gourmet coffee today, but I don’t feel guilty about it when it’s a coffee date with my husband. We have different work schedules so we usually meet before I go home so we could spend time or a meal together (his lunch, my dinner).

I forgot to buy paper towels yesterday so that’s another Php 40 added to grocery expense this week. I also went to Watsons to buy clear nail polish (Php 39) that I will use to paint over the faux gold earrings I bought last month.

Transportation cost to and from work amounted to Php 191.

Total: Php 410.00

APRIL 24, 2018 (TUE)

Today was rather uneventful. I can’t really talk much about work because I’m working with confidential information.

My first coffee is at Dunkin Donuts (Php 45) and the second was with my husband at McDonalds (Php 29). It’s more often that we spend our coffee dates at McDonalds unless he wants to eat cake or waffle.

Transportation cost to and from work amounted to Php 167.

Total: Php 241.00

APRIL 25, 2018 (WED)

I challenged myself to 30 Days of Real Food last week which means I can’t eat baked goods! I bought Gatorade Active (Php 30) which is also technically not allowed but is the lesser evil because it barely has any carbs/sugar. Due to health reasons, I need to limit the latter.

Transportation cost to and from work amounted to Php 160.

APRIL 26, 2018 (THU)

I wasn’t able to pack enough food for lunch today so I bought almonds (Php 74), fried chicken (Php 115) and, of course, coffee (Php 45).

I had Gatorade Active again today, grrrrr (Php 30).

Transportation cost to and from work amounted to Php 172.

I’m constantly letting go of stuff by selling or giving them away. Someone bought my backup of The Ordinary 1% Retinol (Php 410) from Shopee!!! Woohoo!

Total: Php 26.00

APRIL 27, 2018 (FRI)

Today is the spendiest day of the workweek. I went on two coffee dates (Php 235, why do people prefer gourmet coffee? 😭 Can we just have it on special occassions? I’m frugaling here!) I guess it’s ok (not really). My rule with gourmet coffee is that I should only have it with company, in the context of spending time with a friend or family member.

I brought packed lunch today but I craved for something, a taste I don’t even know specifically (is that even possible?). I bought Almonds and Gatorade Active (Php 86).

Expense tracking is hard y’all.

Transportation cost to and from work amounted to Php 195.

Total: Php 516.00

Total for the week is a dismaying Php 5,066.60 (I spent Php 723.80/day!). Next week, I have to reduce my budget for groceries and start brewing my own coffee. It’s always a choice between convenience and making smart life choices–I feel like I need to bring the whole kitchen every day. Goal next week is to spend only Php 600/day, but I’ll aim for Php 500.