MAC Matte Lipstick in Please Me — A Light Lipstick For A Change

35 thoughts on “MAC Matte Lipstick in Please Me — A Light Lipstick For A Change”

  1. i think this is the first time that i see you wear a super light lip color, bagay :) i havent tried this, i got annoyed that mac angel looks zombie like on me so i avoided any mac baby pink shades. but im going to try this nga sometimes looks super good kase :)


  2. Naks, ganda mo, Inay! :)) Ang pangit sakin ng Please Me. Kailangan ko pang i-pair sa ibang lip products para lang magwork. Hay. Haha!


  3. It actually works ok on you. You’re right in saying that the reason why it doesn’t wash you out is because it contrasts well with your yellow-toned skin. I can image how this lipstick can make lighter complexions look papery-pale though.


  4. Please me looks good on you Rae. I always worry about what cool pinks will look like on my olive/yellow skin but I am inspired.
    I have to disagree re: matte lipsticks being incompatible with you – I think there is something out there for you that won’t make your lips dry. Have you considered a matte stain perhaps? Laura Mercier lip stain in Mulberry would look great on you!
    Also check out Burberry Lip Velvet if you haven’t already :)


    1. Oh, I meant compatible :) All my lipsticks are matte :P I was initially surprised that I look better in cool-toned/blue-based stuff. They also say olive = warm colors.


  5. It looks great! The bright pink blush really helps to balance it out as well, otherwise I’m guessing the lipstick alone could make you look washed out. :)


  6. I think it was Shari or Becs who hated this when we first went around Shang? It swatched pleasantly on me naman. Picking among Please Me, Mehr and Creme Cup for my Back 2 MAC freebie :)


    1. Becs said this was too pale for her. Some eople lighter than me also find this pale. I think my skin tone contrasts well with the tones of this


  7. Hmm, it definitely draws more attention on your lips. Maybe I can wear Chatterbox but not Please Me. I think it does not suit my undertones. Mas gusto kong mas madaming yellow sa lipsticks. Heehee.


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