How I Finally Got My Hands On The Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer + My Growing SK Collection

29 thoughts on “How I Finally Got My Hands On The Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer + My Growing SK Collection”

  1. I’ll wait for your review with that bronzer before I decide whether it’s a good purchase or not. I actually want a lot of stuff from SK — lip pencils, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and blush duos. It’s a shame it’s only available at Target. Btw, hope you’re feeling all better now. hugs


  2. Aww Rae I hope you’re feeling better now. I was having the same feeling din the past weeks di lang halata pero it’s more on decision making whether to leave or not, career goals, family, etc. I’m so thankful medyo strong pa, kaya pa.
    With the SK products, I’m not sure if they have these in Target Aus, di ko rin napansin since di pako mahilig sa makeup before pero that bronzer and palettes ahhh! Puro neutral palettes na ata meron ako haha. I’m excited for your bronzer review and fotd!


  3. I was feeling the same for most part of June. I was so inexplicably unhappy. Well, not unhappy, but empty. The first half of the book I’m currently reading didn’t help. I listened to my feel-good playlists, I got a haircut, I bought stuff – nothing jolted me out. I got out of that funk when I got a letter from my bosses saying I have been promoted, so that’s when I realized it had something do with my career path and wondering where I’m going. So Rae, I hope you’re feeling better now. If not, I hope you feel better soon. :)


    1. Thanks Krissy. Usually, this gets triggered by something. When that happens, I do everything in my power not to get sucked in to the pit again. I don’t want to take drugs.


  4. I really am inggit. Huhuhu. I want this bronzer too!! And the eyeshadow palette! Ang tagal ko na siyang tinitingnan sa bonmarche pero hanggang ngayon di ko pa rin nabibili. Nabili na siya the last time tas ngayon nagka stock na ulit, pero wala pa rin. Kelan ko kaya siya mabibili huhu

    And why is it that everyone’s feeling kind of sad or really sad these days. Ako din. Parang laging down ang pakiramdam (physically and emotionally). It might be the weather. Hehe. Let’s all feel better soon :)


      1. I was going to buy it rin but nawalan ako ng gana when I saw bank deposits etc lang, lol. Katamaran :(

        HI RAE. <3 I know how you feel. I haven't been diagnosed or anything, I just can relate to how you described your feelings, I guess. Let's hang out soon, if you're up for it? :)


        1. No paypal? :(


          I’ve been forcing myself to do stuff that functional human beings do, so I guess I’m still ok. Before I just lie in bed for several days staright and not do anything.


  5. I got a Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow palette for Christmas and the shimmer shadows in there are awesome! One or two were duds but with eyeshadow primer, they worked well. The mattes weren’t all that great but some of them were really nice and pigmented.


      1. Some of the mattes were hard and chalky, and so were some of the shimmers. But I got the holiday palette and those aren’t usually the same quality as the regular offerings in my experience. The smaller, 12 shadow palettes might be good but as I already have the 24 pan palette, I’m probably not going to get the 12 pan ones.


  6. I was just in the US for 3 weeks last June. I kept seeing SK products while at Target but I only bought a loose powder for everyday use while I was staying there. I didn’t bother to buy so many since I wasn’t happy when I first used some of the brand’s products. I wish I bought some of those matte crayons though. :/ And btw, that’s so nice of that certain someone to randomly buy something for you. :D


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