Foundation Shopping Realizations + 20 Days of Foundation Challenge (Week 2 Update)

19 thoughts on “Foundation Shopping Realizations + 20 Days of Foundation Challenge (Week 2 Update)”

  1. I really wish I will find my shade too! I don’t have that much of foundation din puro Bb Cream kasi before now onti onti ako g lumilipat sa foundie no idea pa lang talaga, pero I think warm tone ako? :D Hazelnutlatte from ellana matches me perfectly, try ko visit MAC next week try ko foundie nila sana di ako mag breakput like Victoria.


    1. Hope you find your shade. I’ve always preferred tinted moisturizers and foundations over bb creams. I don’t quite get the latter. I prefer bases that match me perfectly.

      Ang lawak din ng spectrum ng warm. I’m yellow-olive but I don’t think I’m warm though. :P


    1. Holy grail of eyeliners. Clearly something is wrong when my first impluse is to go to the eye section of Landmark and swatch eyeliners on my arm. Now there are the colored pencils. Waah!


  2. So in short, natigang ka sa foundation, HAHAHA! Oh I was this way before. Very pa-demure effect and so hesitant of any makeup accessories. I felt like they were non-essentials and was so proud of using stock applicators or my hands. So the first time I got really into makeup, I splurged a month’s salary on MAC brushes. I now regret it because some of those brushes have better and/or cheaper dupes, but whatever. It made me really happy :P At least now I’m smarter about brushes, and I think you’re that way with foundation, too.


  3. I’m glad you found your “Rae shades.” I’m actually thankful that I have an equally kikay sister growing up and she explored the beauty of foundations before I could wear foundations (makeup wasn’t allowed in high school) so I already found shades that suit me when I began buying foundies. Anyway, I like liquid/cream sunscreen and liquid foundation. Hehe… I usually apply my moisturizer and sunscreen first then probably do something like eat breakfast and let the products set on my skin before I apply my foundation. :)


    1. Waaah, that won’t work for me. Parang max na yung isang layer ng liquid stuff to make everything else hold up. Or pwedeng thin serum + something a little heavier. :(


  4. I haaaate layering, too. This is why I ended up getting the NARS UVA/B primer instead of a TM muna until I see the shade I want in person. HAH. It’s so annoying to think about SPF in this heat T^T


  5. It’s great being able to get to a root cause of any issues. It’ll definitely help with control! I will need to do that with my issue with eyeshadow palettes. :/


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