Update: The First 5 Days of the 20 Days of Foundation Challenge

15 thoughts on “Update: The First 5 Days of the 20 Days of Foundation Challenge”

  1. I was given Finland as GWP and I kept asking to be matched closer, kasi feeling ko rin ang light niya sakin. Ayaw makinig ng SA as she was sure it was the perfect shade for me. Naghinala ako na mali pa rin and true enough, medyo ghostly nga when I put it on..

    Naka super red lips kasi ako that day and looked so white. Huhuhu. Pero I still love it kasi ang ganda ng texture niya at buti na lang medyo maputi rin ako so the shade difference is not that bad.


  2. I LOVE the NARS TM. I have Alaska and I’m thinking it’s too light. St. Moritz is too yellow, but the shade I’m after is Groenland, which they don’t even sell here. D:


    1. I’m probably St. Moritz. I remember your shade in sheer glow is Punjab and I needed something yellower than that so I opted for Stromboli. Bea (Dalaga Project) uses St. Moritz too. Anyway, I don’t get NARS stocking choices. Last week I found out that they had no more sheer glow in stock in makati, in edsa shang they only have Montblanc. Hope you get a hold of Groenland. I like how this tinted moisturizer can actually moisturize.


  3. I find Finland too light for me as well, it makes my face look disconnected from my neck! I’m probably a shade or two darker than Finland. I am pleased with it though! My skin agrees with it.


  4. I got the wrong shade of Revlon ColorStay foundation a few months back (way too light for me), and I haven’t touched it since I don’t know how to make it wearable. I plan on giving it to someone else, then I realized I have the fairest skin color among my friends. :(

    So, does setting it with tinted powder do the trick?


    1. It does for me, IF I apply it heavily. Whether that would be an acceptable method depends on your skin type. I have combination to normal skin and when I apply the powder, I like to do so with a damp beauty blender. It Makes the powder look more seamless with the skin texture and not cakey like you would think. I think this could work with any damp sponge though I haven’t tried it myself. If I still look too cakey or powdery, I like to mist a little MUFE Mist + Fix spray to get rid of the overly powdery look and some liquid highlighter or luminizer to add luminosity.


      1. Sounds like it takes a lot of work to me, but thanks for your reply! Now I settle for BB cream because it’s low maintenance. I just sweep translucent powder on it then I’m good to go.


    2. It seems to be working so far for me. When I tried to make bb creams work, I set it with ben nye banana luxury powder in yellow. It was able to cancel out the grey. But my skin tone is quite yellow so it’s ok. Sometimes in the months that I don’t go outdoors, I apply bronzer at the perimeter of my face to darken it up a little, so the center part if my face looks highlighted.

      On colorstay, if you can find someone to give/sell it to, I suggest you give it away. Sometimes, making things work takes out the fun in applying make up for me.


      1. I’m actually leaning towards giving it away, but to whom? I have yet to decide. Anyway, would you know if L’Oreal True Match is any better?


        1. I know they have 2 variants, Le Teint and Super-blendable. I didn’t like Le Teint because it emphasized my not-so fine skin texture. I’ve only sampled Super-blendable but I think I like it more because it seems more like a tinted moisturizer, and, I have a match :P


          1. Yes, I was referring to the Super-blendable variant. I sampled one at the mall, and I liked its runny consistency, but makes for a flawless, matte finish. I have combination/oily skin, so products that are water-based work best for me. Thanks!


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