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Not A Maleficent Makeup Look

If Maleficent were Asian, had a round face, and hooded lids, this is how her makeup would look like… (Therefore, not Maleficent, not even close.)

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Not a Maleficent Makeup Look

I can’t just contour my cheeks, wear red lipstick, then call it a Maleficent makeup look, can I?

So, let’s just talk about what I did and where I went wrong. :P


First blunder: I did not wear mascara. Bwahahaha, this is too funny. I’m not used to wearing mascara so I forgot :D

Anyway, I should’ve intensified and winged out the eye shadow more. But I’m not sure if it’d make the look more Maleficent since my lid has a puff where a crease should be. When I was doing my eye makeup, I realized how small my lid space is.

Useless fact: the distance between my brows and the upper perimeter of my eyes is just a little over half of a centimeter. I don’t have enough space for swirls and twirls. Products used: the brown inglot rainbow pan and bobbi brown eye liner pencil.

Let’s move to my eyebrows — I’m wearing a black, not-so pigmented cream eye shadow from Pinkies Collection. I look strange when I wear brown brow products because my eyebrow hairs are super black, fat, and dense. I will forever stand by the belief that it’s ok to use black (and dark grey) brow products. My brows don’t look scouse, right? But it does look asymmetrical (Because I forgot [again???] to finish the other brow. Guess which one).


I wore NARS Sheer Glow (Stromboli) set with Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder. Before this, I don’t think I’ve ever done a face this matte. Ever. Maleficent’s face seems velvetty matte in the movie, but I just can’t NOT put a highlighter on the cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose (Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder).

Speaking of nose — not bad for my first try at doing a nose line! After seeing how flat my face looked after putting on a med-full coverage foundation, I gave it a shot. I didn’t want to make my nose look slimmer or more defined. I just want to add back the definition. I feel so proud of myself. I think my nose still looks like Rae-nose. I used a greyish brown eye shadow from Jazzy Collection and the edge of ELF Flat Top powder brush. I like the effect it gave — the shadow looked really diffused.

I think I like contouring now.

The cheek contour, on the other hand, was also done using the same Jazzy eye shadow and the edge of ELF flat top powder brush. I blended the contour downwards using Marionnaud N38 blush brush. I didn’t do the fishy face because that technique doesn’t work for my anatomy. When I do the fishy face, I end up with a very low shade that looks like a streak of mud.

Wearable Maleficent Makeup Look
Attempt at annoyed-looking, villainy facial expression.


I used MAC Kiss Me Quick lip pencil all over my lips but it looked too bright — as bright as Ruby Woo but a little less ruby red. I mixed in a super thin layer of Nyx Siren to deepen up the red a little bit. Anyway, do you find Angelina’s lipstick in the movie quite deeper compared to MAC True Love’s Kiss? I expected the lipstick to be somewhat of a matte slightly blackened red, but True Love’s Kiss looked bright and would probably fit Snow White more.

* * *

I didn’t expect that I would enjoy doing this, I meant, taking time actually savoring (?) makeup application. It’s a very calming activity. Better than yoga, for me.

P.S. Check out Elaine’s Maleficent-inspired FOTD (and all her other FOTDS!).

44 thoughts on “Not A Maleficent Makeup Look

  1. Nice! I like what you did with the contour of your nose. Sadly, I don’t know how to apply makeup. I just like reading about it (even if I don;t get the effects on the skin) hahahah

  2. i got the maleficent vibe! and rae you look super pretty on these photos talaga, by far my fave look on you :)
    i can relate with having puffy lids, thats the main reason why i dont feel strongly about eyeshadow makeup / looks, kase the look disappears naman when i look straight into the camera :(

  3. At first look, reminded me of Mulan, her disney-princess look (not her kabuki look!). But probably its because you mentioned “asian”. .. it’s so hard to pull off the maleficent look for us asian. :(

  4. my guess is your right eyebrow? hehehe.. I’m so proud of you! nagawa mo ung eyeshadow… ang galing galing! kaya lng bat nman walang mascara? i need an explanation. char! :)

  5. i love this post Rae! i’m laughing the entire way through – makeup definitely calms me better than yoga! i want to do a look like this also but i don’t think any amount of contouring can get me Maleficent-like/not a Maleficent-like cheekbones right now. it’s just so hard to stop eating :D

    1. You and me both. I saw a photo of Angelina in non-maleficent makeup and I realized that they worked with her natural facial features (which I don’t have).

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