Not A Maleficent Makeup Look

44 thoughts on “Not A Maleficent Makeup Look”

  1. Nice! I like what you did with the contour of your nose. Sadly, I don’t know how to apply makeup. I just like reading about it (even if I don;t get the effects on the skin) hahahah


  2. i got the maleficent vibe! and rae you look super pretty on these photos talaga, by far my fave look on you :)
    i can relate with having puffy lids, thats the main reason why i dont feel strongly about eyeshadow makeup / looks, kase the look disappears naman when i look straight into the camera :(


  3. At first look, reminded me of Mulan, her disney-princess look (not her kabuki look!). But probably its because you mentioned “asian”. .. it’s so hard to pull off the maleficent look for us asian. :(


  4. my guess is your right eyebrow? hehehe.. I’m so proud of you! nagawa mo ung eyeshadow… ang galing galing! kaya lng bat nman walang mascara? i need an explanation. char! :)


  5. i love this post Rae! i’m laughing the entire way through – makeup definitely calms me better than yoga! i want to do a look like this also but i don’t think any amount of contouring can get me Maleficent-like/not a Maleficent-like cheekbones right now. it’s just so hard to stop eating :D


    1. You and me both. I saw a photo of Angelina in non-maleficent makeup and I realized that they worked with her natural facial features (which I don’t have).


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