Shopping Stories + First Impressions: MAC Paint Pot, Sonia Kashuk, and Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow

14 thoughts on “Shopping Stories + First Impressions: MAC Paint Pot, Sonia Kashuk, and Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow”

  1. I love sonia kashuk’s concealer and brow palette! :) and I used to buy paint pots until I realized that they dried out quickly (HUHU). I really liked painterly (PERFECT BASE EVER) and rubenesque though! :)


    1. Oh no. Sabi ko ba nga ba. Thanks for the tip on the paint pots drying out quickly. I was going to buy a few more but I thought, baka matuyo. I’ll finish one first.


  2. Hihi. Then my Free Shipping for 3k up works? Would you look at that. Haha!
    I actually like the SK Velvet Matte LPs. Because they are all nudes!! But the SK is so hard to get. Takes longer to get pa. I like the MAC Paint Pots too! Thinking of getting the Painterly or Soft Ochre soon. But not just yet.


  3. I’m waiting for more from you, Rae. I have a list that I really wanna buy na. But I really don’t wanna touch my money yet and I hate that I’m too responsible about these things :/ I hate that I have makeup back in perspective. I miss my crazy shopping days!!!!!


  4. That’s actually not such a bad haul for 4 months! I feel like patting myself on the back for purchasing just 4 items for the past month and a half.


  5. I think Quite Natural would work great as a base. But I’m still eyeing Soft Ocher for that purpose. Damn. Pahabaan ng listahan. Huhu. And hello, I like that Sonia Kashuk cream blush. Hmm.. I shall order.


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