On Blogging and Shopping

14 thoughts on “On Blogging and Shopping”

  1. He he he… Skin care is always a great subject with endless possibilities. I on the.other hand try hard NOT to be a compulsive shopper. I hold back as long as I can and if I forget about it then it pretty much a great decision. Write on, whatever moves you, .coz it is so much fun to read.


  2. If not makeup, write about skin care. After all, you like skin care products more than makeup din naman di ba? But anyway, I’ll love you still hihi. Hang out soon, okay. Miss ko na kayo :)


    1. I’m pretty sure I still have more than a year’s worth of makeup and makeup ideas to write about. And I’ll still buy stuff, of course. Hopefully, fewer.


  3. Just do what your heart tells you to do. If you’re blogging for the sake and fun of blogging, and therefore also shopping just for the fun of it, because it makes you happy, then just continue to do so. But if it’s starting to feel like a chore, like something you have to do for the people who read your blog, then you should look for another hobby that will help you unwind and destress.


  4. I really love your make-up reviews Rae, very honest and straight-forward. I find them very helpful (keeping in mind the brands you’ve reviewed and hopefully purchase them in the future) since I have just discovered my secret love affair with make-up, and honestly I’m also a shopaholic, wink wink!


  5. You have written some great articles on acne, maybe you could write about skincare a bit more and not necessarily buy the products but just write about the ingredients? (Only if you are into that kind of thing though!)

    And you can also do posts about make-up that you used in the past and if you still love them now or hate them, or articles about products that you would repurchase. I think there are some ways in which you can write about beauty/health without actually having to buy products! :)


    1. Hey thanks! Yep, those are in my list of stuff to write about :) But I was thinking more in the long run.

      I don’t write about skin care a lot because that’s the one area I feel I’m successful at non-shopping. I use the same stuff over and over. Also, since I’m neither a chemist nor a derm doctor, I want to just stick to skin care experiences rather than the science behind them. :P But I still want to write about niacinamide and sunflower oil.

      On makeup, thankful that I caught on this shopping thing early on since I only ‘just started’.


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