Thoughts on the 3D makeup printer… and my strong opinions about it.

24 thoughts on “Thoughts on the 3D makeup printer… and my strong opinions about it.”

  1. I found about this on facebook! Grabe, the idea of the printer coming to life was terrifying. The printer does not only potentially have the power to ruin the beauty industry but also the experience that we makeup enthusiasts indulge ourselves in when we discover amazing products! And I have to say, the creator was so btchy on the video where she was introducing her product. UGH! haha

  2. I’ve also read about this, I honestly find it interesting and kind of ingenious! However, I doubt that the product itself will deliver what ladies really want “great quality makeup”. anyway, let’s see if this invention pushes through. ^_^

  3. Hahaha. I also didn’t flip my tits over this. They can make it “look” the same (same color, supposedly) but can they make it “feel” the same? As buttery and creamy as good real makeup?

    1. I hope she gets a good team of chemists as consultants. Honestly, I’m really doubtful. I have huge respect for chemists and as the video was playing, I keep thinking to myself, is it really possible to ‘robotize’ a chemist’s job? There’s a lot more to making cosmetics than mixing and shaking raw materials in a printer e.g., temperature setting, etc.

  4. Yes, it’s also all about the experience. Part of enjoying makeup is coming to a store and trying out all the products. Sure, some of the finish and colors might not suit you but it’s so much fun. And the thrill of discovering something new is always something to look forward to.

  5. I dont really like the idea of printing my own make-up, to be honest I have no artistic bone in my body and would be hard pressed to design, devise or conceptualize an actual "new" shade of any form. Besides Im set in my ways and like the idea that trailblazers like Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier set up the colors for me, in other words I am lazy and would prefer to walk inside a boutique the Rustan`s Beauty Store in Makati is my favorite and just walk around and not buy anything, am there for the ambiance. lol

  6. I thought it was a terrible idea. You’re right, makeup isn’t just about colour, but texture, finish, scent and a million other things that can’t be replicated. It makes me think that she doesn’t know very much about the makeup industry. Even if she were appealing to beginners in makeup, the health issues are a problem. =/ I mean, drugstore makeup isn’t THAT expensive. Not as expensive as a 3D printer and the ink cartridge refills would be anyway, even if we ignore the health costs.

    1. Oh, yes, scent!

      And you can’t ever replicate the feeling of walking in a store, and physically seeing all the colors and the possibilities. :D

  7. I am also in camp skeptic/mildly interested! I think this would actually be great for people who have a hard time finding foundation matches.

  8. I agree with you on this. I can’t even begin to rant about this as I don’t know where to begin and end. This is so wrong for so many reasons. As for now great invention but not for the function. I firmly believe I’m not going to eat my own words someday.

    Your last paragraph about the foundation is genius.

    1. I would love to be proven wrong someday. Right now, it’s like saying, an airbrush machine can digitally spray on a full face of makeup on my face with no manual intervention — still far-fetched.

  9. Pretty good points. I was initially excited about the idea because I love the idea of 3D printers in general, but I wasn’t buying the makeup angle of it.

    1. Maybe this can work for mineral powders? But what happens to the unused “ink”? And can I buy just the “cyan” cartridge? So many questions!

  10. Too good to be true, haha. I’m somebody who likes to test out products first, check out if the colors will suit me or if it will cause allergic reactions. Putting something “foreign/untested” product in my face is unthinkable, hehe.

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