Sun Protection Week: Day 2 – My Sun Protection Strategy (Given that I Don’t Want To Put 1/4 Teaspoon of Sunblock on My Face & I Don’t Want to Re-apply)

18 thoughts on “Sun Protection Week: Day 2 – My Sun Protection Strategy (Given that I Don’t Want To Put 1/4 Teaspoon of Sunblock on My Face & I Don’t Want to Re-apply)”

  1. I love sun protection week! I’m learning a lot and you’ve convinced me to repurchase a sunscreen/sunblock. I used to have the Neutrogena one but I used it up a while back and haven’t repurchased it. Naghahanap ako ng mas mura pero nakalimutan ko na bumili.


  2. I’m so happy we’re on the same boat on this! :D I also researched about this because before, I don’t use moisturizer thinking that I have oily skin and it will make my skin oilier but I was wrong! Now, I really like my skin well-moisturized. That’s my secret with my skin now. :D


  3. Excellent and informative post, as always! I love what you mentioned about hydration. To my mind, that’s one less product to worry about. And it’s so interesting how you point out that overall skin health (e.g. hydration) means improved skin “immune system”. Making this whole skincare shebang less complicated, one product at a time…


    1. That reminds me, I wonder why people put a separate moisturizer, sunblock, and primer and they complain about their face being greasy. I think that if you feel your sunblock is creamy enough, then there’s your moisturizer. Haha.


  4. Gah, you’re lucky you have bronze skin. I have fair (yellow) skin so I really apply 1/4 tsp every two hours (I use mostly physical+chemical screens). I cannot wear makeup anyways so might as well be diligent with sunscreen! :D


    1. I admire the diligence! I’m not morena though, but before, I wish I was, I used to go outside and make sure I get darker. My skin is not the type to get red immediately so I guess I’m lucky.

      How many sunblocks do you buy in a month? The perfect face milk is only 30ml, if you apply, est 4x a day it’ll only last 6 days. Whoa


        1. Kaya yun 1/4-1/3 tsp di ba? :)) Minimal kasi ang white cast. That’s the beauty of using combination physical (zinc oxide) + chemical filters – less white cast. I am currently hunting sunscreen with primarily zinc oxide + chemical filters but with no alcohol.. can’t really stick with Biore / Missha screens now because I am starting to have dry skin – I don’t know, maybe because of my age / hormones.


          1. I can imagine this drying out my skin if used everyday. I prefer Kanebo Allie. It also has alcohol but it has a gel/ cream consistency that’s somewhat non-drying. It doesn’t feel very siliconey too.

            Do you put a moisturizer underneath? I usually don’t but now I’m considering it. Pero baka yung Andalou Naturals serum na lang, para di masyado heavy.


              1. My skin is very oily, kaya medyo nag-aadjust ako ngayon. The weather is making my skin dry (pero di naman tayo winter levels, so I don’t know why). Baka sa summer ko na lang gamitin si Biore Perfect Face.


  5. Great post, Rae! I hate having to put sunblock on my face. D: I’ve been using either a spray sunblock (sprayed on my hands and patted on my face) or one that’s specific to the face (Belo), which is actually pretty good at “absorption.” I absolutely detest the feeling of sunscreen on my skin, but I am three levels of paranoid, so slather on the sunblock we shall


    1. I haven’t tried the spray+palm+pat strategy before, cool tip!

      What I currently use now are sunblock/ face primer types. I’ll write about them soon. :)


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