What I Learned After Letting Go of Two-Thirds of My Lipsticks

25 thoughts on “What I Learned After Letting Go of Two-Thirds of My Lipsticks”

  1. These are good lessons to learn. I limit my lipstick colors too for both my personal and professional collection. In my profession, most clients want the same color and since skin tones are not so diverse in the Philippines, I only keep a blue based red, and orange based red, a plum red, a warm nude, a warm pink beige. Anything outside of that will only used in special concept shoots and not very often :)
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  2. that is a really good list. I have learned my lessons as well. 3 and 4 are definitely me. I do not like to reapply lipsticks, because when I eventually left with nothing on my lips I just feel pointless even having any on my lips to begin with. Frost shimmer and glitter absolutely looks horrible on me. But trying colors, I think I am not ready to give up yet, because I still have to figure out what I like and what I don’t.

  3. Ohhh I agree on everything here. I also don’t use lip liners. I have like 3 of them but never opened ahaha. Maybe I can use it when I use reds but still I don’t, lazy me. I also don’t like frost and shimmers on my lips. It makes my lips looks super full, not flattering. :|

  4. i agree with # 12346 i guess its because i have discoloration on my lip thats why i feel like my options are limited with lipsticks. btw rae i saw on your purge and purchase post 2 wet n wild lipstick if im right? are they good the matte ones?

    1. That’s exactly why I love really opaque lipsticks. My lips are somewhat two-toned. Hindi naman sobrang magkalayo yung shade ng darkest and lightest areas ng lips ko but I want my lips to look even-toned.

      On wet ‘n wild, those two were Vamp It Up (dupe for MAC Cyber, daw) and Wine Room. I can’t speak for all WNW megalast lipsticks but the ones I tried were very opaque, even the lighter colored ones. Semi-matte yung finish nya, nagkakaron ng sheen esp if you layer it on. Some people say it’s drying, pero sakin ok lang (but note that I don’t find MAC retro matte lipsticks to be drying while most people do). Very helpful sya for me when I was just starting to try out bold colors. The wnw line helped me find out which colors work for me without shelling out that much money. The cons are: (1) some shades have a tendency to feather. (2) Mas malakas sya magtransfer and mas hindi nakakatagal sa isang meal compared to MAC.

      1. thanks rae! same reason why im thinking of buying all the shades or maybe just a few para hindi masyado disappointed if hindi ko sya nagustuhan, i want to see if those colors are bagay sakin or if i would wear it often. then pag okay ill probably buy a better version of it in MAC, since a lot of colors are dupe of MAC lipstick. btw which lighter shades do you have? did you like pinkerbelle? :)

        1. What I have before, puro strong colors that lean towards red, plum, fuchsia, or hot pinks. Will try mga medium pinks sana and their nudes, kaso wala na sila sa Watsons at the time. Akala ko wala na sila sa Phils. Then I saw them at landmark. Pero will probably buy online. Para mas mura. Will google pinkerbell.

  5. I so agree with everything! Although satin works for me too (hehe, makalusot lang talaga). But I really do prefer mattes over anything. I should print this out. Haha! But seriously, thanks for this. These are the exact things that I want to keep reminding myself every time I shop for lipsticks (or makeup in general). :))

    1. Looks like we have the same lipstick preferences. Of everything that’s left with my lipsticks, I only have 1 that’s shiny — MAC Up the Amp (Amplified). It’s such a beautiful color. But if I found Riri Boy, I would’ve chosen that over Up the Amp in a heartbeat.

    1. I’ll remember that if I ease my way into orange lipsticks. I haven’t tried a lot of oranges, corals, and peaches. They look weird on me and my skin, or maybe I just haven’t found the right shade yet. For now, I won’t venture into this color spectrum. I’m afraid I might end up buying a lot again.

  6. I’m also at a crisis point with your number 5 (rainbow harvesting). I love adventurous lip colors but what’s the use if I’m just gonna pick up the same old MLBB every single day? On the other hand, they are very handy for those special parties and dates. But even then I can make my MLBB shades work. WHAT NOWW

    1. Case in point, holloween lip colors. I bought Wet ‘n Wild Vamp It Up and it’s almost like a black lipstick. I actually like the color but I can’t finish the tube.

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