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Joining Project Vanity + Blog Updates

It’s 4:50 AM as I’m writing this. I’m actually in the middle of getting some work done for my day job, but I attended Project Vanity’s 8th Anniversary Blog Workshop yesterday afternoon and my brain is full of thoughts I need to let out.

I don’t think I’ve announced it yet, but I’ve been contributing articles for Project Vanity since February! You can read some of my articles here.

The website was previously a blog–a one-woman show run by Liz Lanuzo. Over the past 8 years, the blog has become one of, if not the top beauty resource in the Philippines. With Project Vanity readers’ growing hunger for everything beauty, the blog needed to be and to do more. Now it has become a beauty portal in blogazine format with 10 of us making content.

I’m glad I decided to join the team. To be honest, my main reason wasn’t money (although I’m happy I’m not doing it for free, haha!). I want to support the website’s cause: empowering other women (which includes learning how to do that).

I also thought it was great opportunity for personal development. I needed to step out of my comfort zone and engage with people in person, not just online. I actually do have a lot of personal interactions at work and with people I’ve known since forever. But those interactions are so much easier compared to reaching out to a stranger and making a meaningful connection.

To be honest, I am content with my current social circles and where I am in life. But I think I’ve been missing out on learning from people who I wouldn’t otherwise meet if I don’t get myself out there. I’ve also been missing the opportunity to get to know myself from new interactions. I wish there was a handbook on overcoming social awkwardness, but I guess what I actually need is to deliberately put myself in a situation where I’m forced to do the things I’m not comfortable doing.

So yeah, I guess I’ll make a way to go to more blogger events, workshops, and conferences related to beauty and wealth management this year.

Anyway, Connie, one of the people I met yesterday, asked me what happens to Scatterbraintures now that I’m writing for Project Vanity. It crossed my mind but haven’t actually given it a lot of thought until yesterday. But it was interesting to realize that even before I started contributing articles for PV, I haven’t been updating my blog anyway. I’m surprised that I was able to write around 8 articles for PV this March! Who knew! The workshop yesterday and my writing gig with PV made me realize that I can post consistently if I commit to it. I know it’s common sense, but I needed reminding.

I write for Scatterbraintures only whenever I feel like it. But I’ll try a different approach this time. I’ll lay out the posts I want to write about and give myself a deadline. With my current workload, I feel like I can only do 1 post a week, but we’ll see. No promises!

I’m also thinking of diversifying my content by writing about personal projects (e.g., personal finance, weight management struggles, leveling up my wardrobe, etc.). I don’t have a defined plan on how to do that yet. I’ll wing it for now, but I’ll spend time thinking about it once my schedule at work gets a little lighter.

Before I end this, please let me know what type of posts you enjoyed reading on my blog and what you want to see more of. It’ll help me a lot. Thanks!


The Perfect Brown Brow Pencil For Black Eyebrows

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Let’s begin.

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Adding to my growing list of favorite online stores is Althea Korea, which incidentally launched in the country today.

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