Hard Truths: 20 Days of Foundation Challenge (Update for Weeks 3 & 4)

I did it!

It was a struggle for me to finish this. There were days when I didn’t feel like wearing any makeup.

I found out a few interesting things about myself because of this challenge.

I realized that I like wearing makeup when I’m angry. E likened it to war painting. It made sense to me now why I made sure I had makeup on when I raised a complaint at the bank (after finding out that something went wrong with my online account.)

Another thing I realized is that I don’t have the motivation to wear makeup when I’m sad. Hence, the struggle.

WEEK 3: Days 11 to 15

I wore Koh Gen Do Aqua and Becca Luminous Ultra Sheer Skin Colour exclusively. Both of them have SPF.

Inglot 412 Koh Gen Do Aqua OC2

Wearing Koh Gen Do Aqua OC2 (Other stuff on my face: Inglot Lipstick 412, KA Candlelight, Sonia Kashuk Rich Tan, RBR Gracilis)

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Trying Out Virtual Eye Glasses

I had eye glasses recently made but when I got the pair, the prescription seemed off. I went to 3 optometrists the day after, and each of them gave me 3 glaringly different prescriptions. I had enough sleep, I’m not diabetic, and I’m not pregnant. Apparently, those three skew the measurements.

Anyway, I trusted the opinion of the 2nd optometrist because he was very thorough and he didn’t seem rushed. His eye grade measurements were lower than the other two, but with his prescription, I was still able to read most of the smallest letters on the eye chart. I assume the other two prescriptions were over-corrections?

I saw this virtual try-on eye glass service at Krissy‘s blog and gave it a try.

Virtual Glasses Four Eyes

L-R, T-B: Friendship Factor, Night Lamp, Teacher’s Favorite, Jumpstart (I labeled the bottom-right photo incorrectly)

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Light Pink Lipstick For A Change – MAC Matte Lipstick in Please Me

Everyday lipsticks, for me, aren’t MLBB-type colors. I usually wear either strong or deep colors to compensate for lack of eye makeup. Last week, though, I’ve been using MAC Please Me (matte) a lot. It’s still not a natural-looking lipstick, but it’s a lot different from what I’m used to.

It pulls slightly lilac pink in the photo but MAC describes it as a muted rosy-tinted pink. I don’t know how that’s supposed to look like. I’d describe it as muted barbie pink.

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How I Finally Got My Hands On The Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer + My Growing SK Collection

Since around 2 months ago, I’ve been experiencing what seems like the return of a phase in my life that a doctor described as chemicals in the brain going out of whack resulting in an inability to feel happiness. Uhmmm, I didn’t get a 2nd opinion so… it’s not true.

sonia kashuk rich tan

Hello, reflection!

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Foundation Shopping Realizations + 20 Days of Foundation Challenge (Week 2 Update)

I didn’t commit myself to a specific product in Week 2. I wanted to know which ones I would actually pick up.

But before I talk about them, I have good news, I think I already know the silly reason why I own too many face bases. I’m not sure if knowing would help curb my foundation appetite, but I have a feeling that it will.

I used to hate foundation. Every time I go to a makeup person to get caked up for an event, I always feel like erasing everything after checking the makeup in the mirror. My face would always end up looking  either too ashy, too dark, too light, too pink, too orange, too dry-looking, or too off.

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