Makeup Musings + My Challenges With Makeup

Most of the time, I ask myself why I’m beauty blogging. I already mentioned this here more than once — if you see me walking down the street, you wouldn’t think I am running a skincare and makeup-centric blog.

I usually go out wearing just sunblock, blush, and strong-colored lipstick + jeans, sneakers, and a simple shirt.

Lately, I’ve been really trying to do a toned down full face of makeup at least once a week — mainly just to practice applying eye makeup on my hooded lids and partly to use up my stuff.

The biggest challenge for me is eye makeup — a challenge for all hooded/small-lidded women on earth.

Hooded Eye Makeup 3
EYES OPEN | Still haven’t figured out how to take photos of my makeup without it looking washed out. Just believe me when I say there’s a lot of eye shadow there.
Hooded Eye Makeup 4

This is what I have to deal with (see photo above). If I apply eye shadow, I should do it with eyes open. Else, I’ll have to put more than a centimeter thick of eye shadow from my lashes up. So, if I want to do a ‘day’ eye makeup look, it would look too much if I fill in my lids up to the point where it can be seen.

Hooded Eye Makeup 1

Another thing, my lids are sooo hooded it covers eyeliner and pushes my lashes down. In the photo above, I’m wearing mascara and eyeliner. You won’t be able to see much of the lashes because my lids fold over the base. Sometimes, when I try to do a wing, it looks so weird because all you’ll be able to see is the ‘wing’ — the rest of the liner would be hidden.

Sometimes I also feel like I’m too goofy for makeup. Do you think there’s such a thing??? I know it doesn’t seem like it with the tone of this blog and the pictures I post. But if you know me in real life, you’ll know that I can make a million non-deliberate facial expressions — that is if we’re past the awkward phase.. My husband describes me as “animated” — a nicer way of saying I look like a cartoon character. Once, he told me I look like Agnes (Despicable Me).

When I put on eye shadow + liner. Suddenly, I feel like I’m a different person. The glam-looking version of myself doesn’t quite match me, my clothes, and my mannerisms. I think I should start researching about makeup looks for goofy people.

Hooded Eye Makeup 2

Maybe I’m stereotyping myself.

Or, maybe I’m thinking too much.


I’ll try doing the ‘one eye shadow look’ using a matte orange or purple eye shadow and see if that’s more my thing.

Exploring More “Cool” Stuff: Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush in Petal | Review + Swatches

For most of my makeup life, before I became certain of what my skin tone is, I was convinced that warm colors would work for me. I’m yellow and the internet told me yellow = warm. Uhm, yeah, NO.

As far as I know, I look better in colors that are recommended for “cool people”: blue pinks, lilacs, mauves, blue reds, and plums. These colors make my skin look more alive(?). It could be because yellow and blue/purple are on opposite sides of the color wheel — they’re supposed to make each other stand out.

OR. It could be that I’m Divergent.

sonia kashuk creme blush petal
Sonia Kashuk Swatches (L-Heavy Swatch R-Blended–needs a few layers to really appear)

I should have questioned the yellow/warm theory when I was just starting out with lipsticks. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Maybelline ColorSensational in Red Revival looks great on me. It’s a blue-toned red that is rumored to be a dupe for MAC Russian Red. I didn’t realize it at the time because I thought that Red Revival is the kind of red that works well for most undertones — maybe it is, but that should have kicked off my color theory exploration. Continue reading

Apparently, I Need A Makeup Caddy

It always happens to me — I specifically look for something and I end up buying something else.

The something is a makeup brush holder and the something else is this makeup caddy:

Glam Caddy Empty
Introducing — The Glam Caddy

This means, as of this writing, I still don’t have a container that will hold my brushes in a way that I will see all of them, without them collecting dust.

BUT, it’s ok.

Because now I have this nifty storage thing to hold all of my makeup (plus my sun care products, nail stuff, kabuki brushes, and dry shampoos). Yes, ALL of them. While I’ve been really really bad at not shopping, I’ve been good at letting go of makeup items I’m not making the most out of. Hopefully, I’d be able to limit myself to this container.

Here’s the Glam Caddy filled in:

Glam Caddy Filled In
360-Degree Turn

The box says the Glam Caddy can fit 200 items. I don’t have time to count, but it sure can fit a lot of stuff. If that’s not enough for you to buy it, maybe the Lazy Susan feature will get you to head over to Lazada. It turns a full 360!!!

For people who own way more makeup than I do, I can imagine this could work as a storage solution for products used on a daily basis. It’s difficult to lose stuff in this, you absolutely can see everything.


I noticed a few areas where this could improve on in terms of quality.

All in all, this is a good concept. I just wish the makers thought of using acrylic instead of typical transparent plastic (I don’t know if acrylic is a type of plastic). Also, it makes a squeaky sound as I turn it. It’s not disturbingly loud and screechy, but there is a sound. I really hope this lasts me at least a few years.

This has a weight limit of 10 lbs. That’s almost 5 kgs. My makeup is composed mostly of low to mid-priced products. I only have a few items that fall under the luxury side of the spectrum. I don’t recommend this to people whose makeup collection is mostly luxury items. We all know how big and heavy most of them are. I’m almost sure 200 luxury items weigh more than 5 kgs. I’m basing this off of a tube of Lipstick Queen. It fell on my foot from chest-level height and now I know that beauty truly is pain.

This might not be a good storage option for eye shadow palettes. I don’t own a lot of eye shadow palettes but I think the slots can only fit smaller ones. For reference, see Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone palette in the photo.

Overall Thoughts

Despite quality issues, I’m happy with this purchase. Every time I see it, I’m inspired to play around with stuff.

Will this keep me from buying stuff? We shall see.

Lazada sells this for Php 499. It’s the best deal I found online. They shipped it within the promised 5 working days — a little longer than what I’m used to but they kept me updated with the shipping status. Also, shipping fee would be around Php 200 if your total purchase amount doesn’t exceed Php 1k. I had to bully Husband into looking for stuff he “needs”.

Husband’s Thoughts on The Glam Caddy

“May speed limit ba ‘to?”

“Sana instead na makeup, cold cuts na lang ang laman.”

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Stay Mauve Lipstick | Review and Swatches

When I saw this lipstick on my sister-in-law, I thought it was the perfect my-lips-but-better lipstick for her. I thought it would be for me, too. What I didn’t realize was that she’s at least 2 shades darker than me.

Estee Lauder Stay Mauve Lipstick Tube
Estee Lauder Stay Mauve Lipstick Tube | I love the packaging. It looks very elegant and it has a weight to it.

Stay Mauve is, indeed, mauvey. Although, if I understand correctly, mauve is supposed to be a muted medium purple. On my extra-yellow and somewhat greenish skin, this lipstick registers as an even mix of pink and purple. If it were slightly more muted, it would’ve been more awesome than the awesomeness that it already is…
Continue reading

Thoughts on Micellar Water + Empties (Bioderma, Casino Expert, and Bifesta)

After finishing bottles and bottles of micellar water, I now declare the product as a permanent in my nightly skin care routine. I still don’t think it falls in the must-have category — it’s nice to have but I can live without it.

If you’re not familiar with micellar water, I’d like to welcome you to beauty internet universe. Hi! You must be new here. Micellar water is a makeup remover that is basically just water with surfactants that are mild enough to leave on the skin. A more intelligent explanation can be found here: What is micellar water and how does it work?

I’ve tried 3 brands: Bioderma, Casino Expert, and Bifesta

Micellar Water 2014-08-29 19.09.00_edited

I think they’re all somewhat the same. All of them are gentle enough, all of them are not good at removing waterproof makeup (obviously, because they are mostly just water), and all of them can not remove every trace of makeup in one go. Continue reading