aluminum make up case

Update + Moving The Beauty Stuff

I had separate chat conversations with two friends a few weeks ago which ended on us talking about how we wish there was a common platform for several women to write candidly about their beauty purchases and experiments. I might have went in over my head with it when I found myself suggesting, hey! why […]


July Finds

Sometimes we are able to quell the urge to buy makeup and skincare, but most of the time, we come home from a store with more than what we intended to get. Some of our buys become staples, while others become forgotten. Are our new picks any good? Here are the products that we purchased […]

Inglot Lip Tint 16 - Against the face

Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte #16

This is not the kind of lip tint that I know lip tints to be. This is straight up liquid lipstick—opaque, goes on “wet,” but dries to a flat, matte finish. I’m thinking that maybe it leaves a tint, it’s just hard for me to tell because I bought a muted shade. When I heard […]

MAC Twig Dupes 6

MAC Twig Lipstick Dupes… All three of them!!!

I am at a point where all my makeup sparks joy. But I am in the process of moving to a much smaller space, which means, I have to find a more restrictive de-stashing criterion. I’m considering the nitpicking method, where I would literally nitpick over negligible details to determine which stuff I’d let go of. Here’s an example of […]