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Colourpop Lippie Stix Swatches: Frida, Brink, and Blood

I wanted to try out ColourPop Lippie Stix for the longest time, but I guess the want wasn’t strong enough, or maybe, my gut was hinting on something.

Bottom Photo: Blood and Brink

Bottom Photo: Blood and Brink

I’m not a fan of beating around the bush, so let me tell it to you straight — these are not my favorite lip products. I don’t hate them. They’re actually really good but sometimes I have this tendency to nitpick on makeup products.

There are little things that make me not inclined to pick up something and most of the time it is not deliberate. I just notice it. That is the case with these lipsticks. When I first tried them on, I did like the formula which I had high expectations of because these lipsticks aren’t cheap (by the gram, they cost as much as MAC lipsticks). They apply evenly and are opaque.

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On Assessing My Social Media Accounts (and New Instagram Handle!)

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been tidying up. Not just with tangible personal items but with digital ‘items’ as well. That includes social media accounts, ebooks, music, etc. This post will focus solely on social media.

I itemized my accounts and tried to decide whether I would maintain the account or not.

I haven’t come up with anything final except with my personal facebook account. But here are my thoughts on most of them so far.

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Preview x Happy Skin | Too Cool and Hot Stuff Matte Lip Crayon Review and Swatches

I’m not used to using word nicknames, so instead of calling these lippies, the actual name of the product, I’ll call them lip crayons.

I’m a little disappointed that these are limited edition and that there seems to be no option to buy the crayons separately. Currently, it’s only available in Zalora but it will be available in Beauty Bar soon.
I had a feeling that the red crayon would be a wine red since they didn’t have that shade in their regular lipstick line. I already have a staple wine red lipstick and I have a no dupe rule, so I was only interested in the nude one. I messaged my friend, Cheche, and asked if she’d want to split the box with me (but I know I didn’t need to ask).

By the way, Zalora ships fast.  I ordered around 6pm and the lip crayons arrived 9am the following day (I live in Makati. Maybe Zalora’s warehouse is near my place.)

Here are swatches and some of my thoughts on the crayons:

Preview x Happy Skin – Too Cool

On me, Too Cool looks like a pink-toned beige concealer.  Note: I have medium cool yellow skin tone (with greenish undertones).

I had two other friends try it on. On a friend who’s a shade darker but also has yellow-greenish undertones, the lip crayon didn’t look as flattering, too. On another friend who’s also a shade (or two) darker, with yellow neutral skin tone (no greenish cast whatsoever), it looked like the perfectest nude. I will not pretend to know how this will look like on other skin tones. Getting this lip crayon is kind of like a gamble.

Happy Skin Too Cool Matte Lippie 1

Happy Skin Too Cool swatch on the lips and cheeks.

I wouldn’t wear Too Cool with no other makeup on my face. It definitely needs blush and eye makeup.  In these photos, I just applied eyeliner (which got totally covered by my hooded lids) and blush.

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Starting a New Skin Care Routine + Going Back To Tretinoin

I had to stop using tretinoin for more than 3 months and change my whole skin care routine because I got pregnant.  I’m no longer pregnant and I think I’ve already accepted what happened. I decided to use tretinoin again (I was in denial for a while and still avoided products and activities that pregnant women are supposed to avoid).

Incidentally, Olay sent me two pore minimizing products: Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream* and Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing Toner*.

To be honest, I don’t know how I would review those two individually.  I believe products interact with each other.  Since I’m using tretinoin, which is a ‘drug’, it would be harder to isolate the effect(s) of the other products I will be putting on my face.

I guess it’s timely that I got them — both the pore minimizing toner and the CC cream has niacinamide.  I read a few studies saying that niacinamide helps reduce irritation from tretinoin.

In the coming months (or until I finish up either the toner or the cc cream), this will be my skin care routine:

Skin Care Routine | June 2015

Skin Care Routine | June 2015

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