Result: The 7-Day Purederm Skin Soothing Moisture Mask Experiment

Since I brought it upon myself to write about the result of my experience with this product – here I am.

Hello fellow beauty bloggers! Do you also find it difficult to write a post about a product you can just tweet about instead, and say: “This product is meh.” ?

Why did I have to post a prelude? :|

I hoped that the result would make me report, “Hi guys! I found a cheaper alternative to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack!”

Unfortunately, the end result I’ve had with this mask is nowhere near my experience with Laneige.  This is one of those products that doesn’t do anything.  It didn’t irritate my skin but it also didn’t improve it.

Purederm Skin Soothing Moisture Mask


It made me wish that I’m a believer of magic and the supernatural.  That way, I can just placebo my way into beautiful skin.

Oh well, that’s that.  Maybe this can work for dry-skinned people who actually need a moisture mask.  For me, this is a waste of time.

PS. Sorry for not taking photos of the contents of the sachet.  I don’t want it to waste any more of my time.  But in case you’re curious,  the product looks, feels, and dries up like aloe vera gel and it doesn’t look anything like the mask that the lady on the packaging had on.

Today’s Shopping Story: Eyeshadows and Makeup Brushes

I can live off just lipsticks for months. I don’t touch blush, foundation, and eye makeup on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder why I even maintain a beauty blog. If you’ve just recently stumbled upon my blog, I’m sorry to disappoint, you won’t be seeing diversity here. My taste range is very narrow and I’m not really a makeup wearing person :p

Anyway, Cheche, one of my closest college friends, has been tagging me on her Instagram FOTD posts lately. That really inspired me to give a little bit more attention to blush and eye makeup. We met at Glorietta 5 yesterday to check out a few Inglot stuff.

Inglot Matte Lipsticks

Cheche was looking to swatch Inglot’s 412 matte lipstick so we proceeded to the lipstick section as soon as we entered the store. I wore 412 that day so she could see it on me.  When I pointed her to the bullet, she was surprised to see that it’s purply because on my lips, it’s red.  I tell you, there’s sorcery in that lipstick. If you really want to know what color it is, you’d have to go to the store and see for yourself.  Cheche didn’t end up buying it.  I feel like she’s dead set on getting a back up of MAC Fixed on Drama.

I swatched a few lipsticks myself (see photo above).  I regret that I didn’t check Inglot’s mattes sooner because my lipstick shopping restraint right now for colors I already own has gotten so strong that I’m confident I won’t buy another lipstick (note: I don’t have a warm red yet).  Anyway, if I remember right, the swatches above are 405, 409, 421, and 420.  I wish ghosts are real so that Mr. Inglot can haunt the brand’s marketing folks and talk them into giving these lipsticks a name I can easily remember.

Inglot Freedom Palette 2

We then checked out the eye shadows.  Inglot is eyeshadow-heaven for matte-loving people like me.  There are so many matte colors to choose from and they are organized by color family making it so much easier for me to find the exact shade I wanted.

However, it was difficult to ignore the rainbow eye shadow options so I bought two of those instead:

  If I didn't already know which colors to get, I'd be overwhelmed.

I was looking for a specific shade of brown and purple anyway so why not get 3 of each, technically.

I almost bought the freedom palette with a slot for blush but none of the freedom blushes called out my name (translation: nothing looked similar to Nars Sin).

Inglot Rainbow

Here’s my non-credible first impression on these eyeshadows:  they’re pigmented but not totally opaque (since I’m a beginner, I wanted something I can layer/ build up), they apply evenly and are easy to diffuse (?).  I need to improve my eye makeup vocabulary.

I would choose the blue and the black-grey rainbow shadows if I decide to get more.

Since I don’t have brushes to apply these with, we went to Suesh (up on the 2nd floor).  I bought 2 brushes: the AB Bullet C30 brush and the extra small AB eyeshadow brush.  I wanted to get a blending brush but there wasn’t one small enough for my lids.  I think the bullet brush would suffice.

Suesh Bullet Brush

I’m so excited to play with these.  Hopefully, I can post an EOTD within the week.

Why I Like Elsa and Trying To Be A Better Person

I don’t usually like watching musicals. If I were watching a DVD copy of a movie musical, I would fast forward to the next talking scene as soon as the characters start to sing.

But, I did enjoy watching Frozen.

Since I watched the movie, I made Elsa my wallpaper.  I got really inspired by her.  And it’s not because she has ice powers or because she loves her sister so unconditionally.

I got inspired by her because despite knowing how bad ass she is.  She decided to live in consideration of the people around her.

Everyone wants to be different or special.  But sometimes, wanting or knowing that you are a special and unique snowflake* can make you an asshole.

At that scene when Elsa finally embraced who she was and what she can do, I thought to myself, if I were her, screw everyone! I’d freeze you all to death… all you who wronged me!

But no, she didn’t do that.  Instead, she was considerate of how her special-ness could affect, and harm, or benefit the people around her.

That was mind-blowing for me.

She could’ve easily thought: “I don’t care what you think of me or how my actions could affect you. I’m better than you and I can do whatever I want, all you cookie-cutter human beings. I was born this way, deal with it.”

That kind of self-entitlement and unapologetic behavior… cringe.

Being ‘different’ and ‘not boring’ is not the be all and end all of human existence.

Yes, I may think I’m this or that but what good does it do if I’m a bitch.

Although I don’t think I’m that bitchy, I feel like I’m not really doing anything for society.  And it’s hard to admit this.

Right now, I don’t think I can actively write or do something about promoting mutual respect, interdependence, and women empowerment because I still have a lot of stuff to work on with myself.  But I thought I’d start somewhere, I still don’t know how. I’d just have to figure it out. For now, I’ll share with you this youtube channel. It’s been a while since they last uploaded a video but I really hope the project takes off.

* yep, that’s a Fight Club reference.

My New Favorite Red – Inglot Matte Lipstick in 412


Before I talk about the lipstick, let me tell you about my first Inglot shopping experience.

When I first went to Inglot, I haven’t googled for their lipsticks yet.  I went in with no expectations apart from color variety.  I asked the sales person where their matte lipsticks were and s/he pointed me to an area and said “790 po yan”.  I said “ok” and swatched a few.  I might have been pointed to the wrong area because everything I swatched had a lot of shine to them.  I immediately assumed that Inglot’s matte lipsticks aren’t really matte, because there are brands coming out with matte lipsticks that should’ve been labeled satin.

So I went to the gel liners section and checked if there’s something I could use as an eyebrow, eyeshadow, and eyeliner product in one.  The sales person came to me again and said “990 po yan” without me asking for the price first.  I answered with “ok, kukunin ko ‘tong grey”.  She replied with “kukunin nyo po?” to which I answered “yes, kukunin ko.”

At times like these, I feel thankful that I’ve become very very tolerant of many things. I’m not easily annoyed (I think) and I’ve become less and less concerned of what other people think of me.  BUT.  I hope Inglot tells their sales people not to do that because I know it can piss off a lot of people.  To be fair to the lady, she did seem like she was just informing me how much it is. If they wanted shoppers to immediately know the price, they should have just placed a shelf-talker or something like how MAC does it.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that my second Inglot experience (with Becs) was better.  They let us explore the whole store, swiping, swatching, and testing out stuff.  And we found where the matte lipsticks were!  But we were disappointed because they seemed sheer.

Inglot 412 lipstick bullet

I don’t know what got to me, I went back to Inglot again, for the third time to check out the lipsticks.  I’m not sure if it’s just because it was warmer compared to when Becs and I went there, but the matte lipsticks I swatched transferred more opaque on my wrist.

The texture and consistency can be likened to the MAC Retro Matte lipsticks.  There’s a tug as you swipe it on and it doesn’t have any shine at all.  If you’re a matte lipstick lover, you’d love this. If you hate MAC retro matte, this is not for you.

Inglot 412 matte lipstick swipe swatch

I checked out the Bright ‘n Matte lipstick collection and of course my eyes gravitated towards the burgundy-ish plum and the bright purple.  But almost immediately, I stopped myself because I already have colors like those and I vowed that I’d only have one lipstick for a particular color type (?) at a given point in time.

Anyway, recently, I let go of MAC Viva Glam I.  That red is a very gorgeous red but it’s not the red for me.  I wanted a red that will make my heart beat a little bit faster when I see it on my face.  Viva Glam I doesn’t give that feeling.

I just want to say, keeping only a few things at a time really raised up my standards for lipstick.

Inglot 412

Going back to my story, I left the Bright and Matte area for the permanent collection reds and saw Inglot 412.  I swatched it on my arm and I liked it.  But that wasn’t enough, so I swatched it on my lips and I was in love.

Inglot 412 lip swatch with FOTD

I’m annoyed that I couldn’t take an accurate picture.  In the photo above it looks like a berry-ish plum.  In person, I swear it’s red.

I would describe it as a blue-red with hints of cherry, berry, and plum.  I haven’t encountered a red like it.  It may not be a true red but it’s THE red for me.  Look at 412 along all the other reds and plums.  It sits in that sweet spot that’s not really red red. But you can’t classify it under plum or berry.

Screenshot 2014-04-18 19.58.15

It’s a kind of red that’s not blindingly bright.  You can comfortably wear it in the day time but it still gives you the look of wearing a red lipstick. I can’t explain it well but I hope you get me.  MAC Viva Glam I is kind of like that too, but that’s one a little bit brick-ish.  Just imagine Inglot 412 as a bluer and cherrier sister of Viva Glam I.

INGLOTP1040379 (3)

The lipstick doesn’t have a lot of transfer — like most mattes. So it stays longer than most lipsticks.  If you won’t drink or eat anything, it stays put.  I drink water every 2 to 3 hours and most of it stays on my lips.  It doesn’t give me the ring lip nor does it feather.  But the latter is probably due to how I apply it (which is for another post).


It’s everything I want in MAC retro matte lipsticks but better because it’s cheaper and you have more color choices.

If you’re a matte lipstick lover, check Inglot’s selection.

P.S. Believe it or not I’m wearing 5mm thick eyeshadow on my lids. I tried not to smize in that one photo and I look like I just tight-lined.  On all others it’s like it’s not there. Hahaha.

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette: It’s about time I wrote about this.

I’m currently in the process of editing my makeup and skin care stuff.  I came to the conclusion that project use-up-your-stuff won’t really work for me.

So I listed my activities, the frequency by which I do them, and the beauty stuff I actually need for those.

I’m glad I’ve developed my de-stashing muscles through recent years. Otherwise, I’m sure I won’t be able to let go.  I’m also glad I don’t have the tendency to collect stuff for the sake of collecting.

That being said, the ability to let go of stuff is a lot different from the ability to keep myself from buying stuff I don’t need. I still have to work on the latter.

Moving on to what I should be talking about, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette.  I bought this around 5 months ago and it’s one of the stuff I disposed of.

I had a particularly hard time deciding if I should part with it because I asked my brother to get it for me when he went to the US to visit his girlfriend. I mean, they spent effort in looking for it and now I feel like crap for selling it.

But when I read this quote from an excerpt of a knitting book, I knew what had to be done:

“Yarn is meant to have a future,
and yarn I don’t love won’t ever be knit;
I am liberating it
that it may achieve its full potential with another knitter.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it.  I did.  I tested it several times and I used it on 2 weddings — including my own.  And in all the times I used it, I think I looked a little better.  Sometimes I even get compliments.

Now you’re probably wondering why I even considered letting go of it.

It said on the instructions on the website:  Apply powder all over the face using Ambient Powder Brush...

I thought I could use it sans any other face base or complexion product.  I don’t like normal face powders because they make my face look dry.  I thought this could reduce the shine on my face without leaving it overly matte.  What didn’t sink in to me in the instructions was this:  Apply powder all over the face using Ambient Powder Brush… as the final step for a flawless complexionwhich means there has to be something underneath first for it to work it’s magic.

The palette has three of the ambient powders: dim light, incandescent light, and radiant light.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Review


On its own, Dim Light accentuates my pores and dims my skin, and not in the dim light beautifying kind of way.  Over a matte foundation like MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder, it looks good. It brings back sheen and a little bit of dimension. The sheen is not enough for it to be considered a highlighter though. It’s great to use when I’ve already filled in all of my pores to a point of matte-ness and I’m too impatient to wait for my skin oils to mesh with the matte goop.


The other powders, Incandescent and Radiant, are too shimmery to use all over the face.  I (used to) use Incandescent to highlight my nose bridge and cheekbones and it worked great for that purpose.  The shimmers are subtler compared to The Balm’s Mary Loumanizer and aren’t really that visible.


The Radiant powder — I didn’t really explore its uses.  On reviews I’ve read of people with lighter skin tones, it’s used as a contour product or a bronzer.  On me, it wouldn’t really show up enough to function like that.  I remember using it over a chalky matte powder blush and it made it look significantly better.  But I’ve also already disposed of that blush so I did not have any use for Radiant anymore.

Bottomline, I wasn’t reaching for this enough to finish it up before it expires.  I also don’t go to a lot of events that require me to wear makeup.  (To some extent, this makes me wonder why I buy face products.  I don’t wear them everyday.)

Anyway, I decided not to give myself more time to grow into using it so that the next owner will have more time to play with it.  I hope Donna enjoys it more than I did.