The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette: It’s about time I wrote about this.

I’m currently in the process of editing my makeup and skin care stuff.  I came to the conclusion that project use-up-your-stuff won’t really work for me.

So I listed my activities, the frequency by which I do them, and the beauty stuff I actually need for those.

I’m glad I’ve developed my de-stashing muscles through recent years. Otherwise, I’m sure I won’t be able to let go.  I’m also glad I don’t have the tendency to collect stuff for the sake of collecting.

That being said, the ability to let go of stuff is a lot different from the ability to keep myself from buying stuff I don’t need. I still have to work on the latter.

Moving on to what I should be talking about, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette.  I bought this around 5 months ago and it’s one of the stuff I disposed of.

I had a particularly hard time deciding if I should part with it because I asked my brother to get it for me when he went to the US to visit his girlfriend. I mean, they spent effort in looking for it and now I feel like crap for selling it.

But when I read this quote from an excerpt of a knitting book, I knew what had to be done:

“Yarn is meant to have a future,
and yarn I don’t love won’t ever be knit;
I am liberating it
that it may achieve its full potential with another knitter.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it.  I did.  I tested it several times and I used it on 2 weddings — including my own.  And in all the times I used it, I think I looked a little better.  Sometimes I even get compliments.

Now you’re probably wondering why I even considered letting go of it.

It said on the instructions on the website:  Apply powder all over the face using Ambient Powder Brush...

I thought I could use it sans any other face base or complexion product.  I don’t like normal face powders because they make my face look dry.  I thought this could reduce the shine on my face without leaving it overly matte.  What didn’t sink in to me in the instructions was this:  Apply powder all over the face using Ambient Powder Brush… as the final step for a flawless complexionwhich means there has to be something underneath first for it to work it’s magic.

The palette has three of the ambient powders: dim light, incandescent light, and radiant light.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Review


On its own, Dim Light accentuates my pores and dims my skin, and not in the dim light beautifying kind of way.  Over a matte foundation like MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder, it looks good. It brings back sheen and a little bit of dimension. The sheen is not enough for it to be considered a highlighter though. It’s great to use when I’ve already filled in all of my pores to a point of matte-ness and I’m too impatient to wait for my skin oils to mesh with the matte goop.


The other powders, Incandescent and Radiant, are too shimmery to use all over the face.  I (used to) use Incandescent to highlight my nose bridge and cheekbones and it worked great for that purpose.  The shimmers are subtler compared to The Balm’s Mary Loumanizer and aren’t really that visible.


The Radiant powder — I didn’t really explore its uses.  On reviews I’ve read of people with lighter skin tones, it’s used as a contour product or a bronzer.  On me, it wouldn’t really show up enough to function like that.  I remember using it over a chalky matte powder blush and it made it look significantly better.  But I’ve also already disposed of that blush so I did not have any use for Radiant anymore.

Bottomline, I wasn’t reaching for this enough to finish it up before it expires.  I also don’t go to a lot of events that require me to wear makeup.  (To some extent, this makes me wonder why I buy face products.  I don’t wear them everyday.)

Anyway, I decided not to give myself more time to grow into using it so that the next owner will have more time to play with it.  I hope Donna enjoys it more than I did.

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Update: The 7-Day Purederm Skin Soothing Moisture Mask Experiment

I wasn’t able to finish the whole 7 days when I started to use this.  I only lasted 2 days.  I was busy doing stuff for a thing and I also remembered that I was going to an important event. It wasn’t the right time to experiment on skin care.  I’m thankful that I didn’t break out.

Purederm Skin Soothing Moisture Mask

I’ll start to use this again today and hopefully I pull through this time.

Anyway, I think I left my brain at home when I bought this.  I thought it was a dupe for Laneige Water Sleeping Pack — a mask you just slap on the face and leave on until you wake up.

Oh well, there are just moments that it doesn’t occur to me to read.  When that happens, it usually doesn’t end well for me.

Before I forget, nothing extraordinary happened to my skin in two days of using this. No instant suppleness. No nothing.

I’ll try to see you again in 7 days.  Hopefully something good happens by then.

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A Relatively Wearable Purple – MAC Heroine

Recently, I edited my lipsticks and finally decided on which colors/ products to keep, and yeah, this one made the cut.

mac heroine 5

If you showed me a swatch of Heroine a year ago, I’m sure I would not choose wearable as a word to describe it.

Funny how “wearable” changes over time.

mac heroine 4

Looking at it on the tube, it does seem like a crazy scary color.  I almost just ignored it when I saw it. It seemed like one of those impractical colors to buy — those I can only wear at costume parties (and I don’t go to costume parties).

But being who I am, I swatched it on my lips. I just wanted to know if I killed the lust for sure.  I don’t want curiosity lingering at the back of my head.

mac heroine 6

If it looked anything remotely like a Halloween lipstick, I swear I’d put it down, even if I liked the color. But surprise, surprise… it didn’t look Halloween-y at all…  To me, it looked more like a bright-ish summery color.

mac heroine 10If MAC Flat Out Fabulous had a purple sister, it would be MAC Heroine.  They look like they belong to the same color family or spectrum or base or what have you.

L-R: MAC Flat Out Fabulous, MAC Heroine, Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum

mac heroine 7

I wish I could show you a swatch of Heroine and Shameless side by side but I already gave the latter to Becs.  If my memory serves me right, shameless is deeper and bluer while heroine is brighter and pinker. Anyway, here I am with Shameless:


I believe Heroine is a wearable color all year round – at least in the Philippines I think it is. It also applies evenly and has good wear time.

mac heroine 3

If you want a purple lipstick that’s practical enough to buy, this would be it.  And in case you’re wondering, I also use it as a cream blush. I’m wearing it on both the cheeks and lips in the photo above.

Other stuff on my face: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Dim Light and Incandescent Light)


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The BDJ Box Beauty Social 2014: This is The Story of How I Met Other Blogging People Vol. 2

If you were there, you’re probably thinking, “I didn’t see you there!!!”

Believe me, I was there. Here’s proof:

I’ve seen a lot of posts in my feed about the BDJ Box Beauty Social but I wasn’t really interested in going. Small talk and a room full of strangers take a lot of my energy. I’m usually better with one-on-one conversations and if I go out in a group, it’s usually with people I already know. I don’t have a problem talking to strangers. I am not shy. I used to be an auditor after all (which also means I am also used to people not liking me).

Anyway, a few days before the event, I got a message from Joey telling me that she’s inviting me to the Social.

BDJ Social passes were being raffled off at the time and she gave one to me no strings attached!  I was touched.

I also found out that many of the people behind the blogs I read are going so I looked forward to the day.

I arrived just in time for the Shiseido talk, but when I got there, almost all of the seats were already taken.  I saw one empty seat a few rows from the back and 1 chair from the right.  As I made my way through, guess who I saw seated at the rightmost chair?


If you visit Scatterbraintures often, you might want to check out Flabs Rule The World. Elaine seems interested in many of the stuff I like. We have almost the same skin type and coloring and we buy a lot of the same colors and textures. Or maybe you might just want to visit her blog because she has the cutest smile.  Case in point:

Flabs Rule The World

I’m so happy I found a seat beside her. We had the same opinion about wearing makeup at the beach and I think we had the same thoughts about the shiseido cream eyeshadows — there are no matte shades!!!

We were supposed to meet again after checking out the booths but I had to leave early.

Before I left, I tried looking for Joey but I couldn’t find her. I wanted to personally thank her for inviting me (thanks again, Joey!).

I was already heading out when someone shouted, “RAE!!!”

It was Maica! When I saw her, the first thought that came to mind was, wow, this girl is tall! Inggit!

I think she had to bend her knees and slouch a little (see photo below) because fate had decided to pack all of my awesomeness in a tiny 5-foot tall body.

Pinay Beauty In A Budget

I always thought we look somewhat alike. We have the same type of eyelid hoodedness and our nose and lips are similarly shaped. When I saw her, I was almost convinced we were cousins (she does look like one of my cousins). I wanted to join her in looking for Rattus but I was going to meet some of my college friends that same afternoon. I hope I’d see her again and chat about drugstore skincare and makeup. She’s very easy to warm up to.

I think I’ll move mountains and oceans for the next BDJ Box Beauty Social.  I didn’t realize how fun it was to be with people who had the same enthusiasm with makeup and skin care as me.

<Vol. 3 – Meeting V.>

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This is The Story of How I Met Other Blogging People Vol. 1

I’ve only met a handful of bloggers in my entire blogging life.  The first blogger I met was Argie.  That was about 3 or so years ago.  She’s one of the very few skin care-focused beauty bloggers I know.  Most beauty bloggers usually write about makeup, and back then, I wasn’t interested in makeup.

We’ve exchanged several text messages before we met.  When she went to her dermatologist in Makati, she messaged me and asked if I was available to meet.  It was fun. I asked if I could go with her to the clinic to watch her laser skin resurfacing procedure because I’ve always been curious about it.

Argie was nice to give my number to the folks behind a skin care brand and I was invited to one of their events.  During the event, we were called brand ambassadors.  I had a mini-panic attack at that time because I felt like ambassadorship is something to be taken really seriously.  I’m willing to be an ambassador for Nichido’s kabuki brush, Bobbi Brown, and matte lipsticks — but for a skin care product that I haven’t tried before, I felt so conflicted.  I have very specific skin care needs (and wants).  What if I end up not liking the product?  But overall, it was still a fun experience, I got to meet and small talk with other beauty bloggers and they were all very nice.

I also went to an event where I was seated at a table with n other bloggers and a press person.  I tried to reach out to them but I think they’ve already known each other for a while and were no longer interested in getting to know new people.  I tried to join in the conversation but I felt like there’s a wall so I just kept quiet the whole night.  I still enjoyed myself though, because the food was really really good.

After reflecting on these two blog event experiences, I realized that I’m not really fit to go to most blog events.  They take too much energy from me (maybe because I’m half introvert?) and I find it really difficult to write about something when I feel obligated to do it.

Anyway, it took me a while before I met other bloggers again but that’s mostly because I worked for Watsons.

<Vol. 2 – The BDJ Box Beauty Social – Tres Chic>

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Makeup and My Mother

My mom is one of the most honest people I know.  She didn’t raise me to believe that I am a princess and that I am “pretty” in society’s conventional understanding of the word.  She never told me princess fairy tale stories and she didn’t lie about Santa Claus.

I can’t really remember what she said or how she said it, but ever since I was little, I already knew that I am not a pretty pretty girl, and that when I move from our small pond of a house to the big ocean, I would see that there’s a lot of other people significantly better than me at everything, that that fact is totally fine, and that it’s ok to look like me.

Although, she did curate my clothes, which made me slightly confused.

She never said it, but I know she didn’t think I’m ugly.  She was more focused on me getting good grades and pursuing extra-curricular activities.  Sometimes, she lets me off the hook on household chores just so I can have more time to read.  She tried to get me into sports but I have very poor motor skills.  She hired a dance instructor too so I could acquire some talent.

I feel like some might not agree with how she raised me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m happy she didn’t raise me in a fantasy world where I’m a princess, the prettiest girl, and that someday someone will come to sweep me off my feet.

Maybe that’s the reason why I never made it my life’s mission to have a big-ish wedding.  At one time, E asked me – didn’t you ever want to experience that one day where you are the prettiest woman in the room? – to make sure I didn’t want a conventional wedding.

Isn’t he just the sweetest?

I think it was a rhetorical question (or maybe not).  But I said, never, no, and I mean, REALLY.  I don’t have the need to have a ball dedicated to me (and/or my husband) and to feel like I’m the prettiest. You and I know it’s literally not true.

So why am I telling this story?

If you’ve been dropping by my blog for several posts now, you would know that it’s only in recent years that I developed an interest in makeup.  More specifically, when I worked in the health and beauty industry.  My employment contract stated, “…cosmetics are required for female employees.”  Until today, that boggles my mind because I worked with Finance and the IT Department.

Going back to my Mom. Given everything I told you, would you believe that my mom begs me to dress well and put on some makeup?  Yes, everytime she sees me.  It drives me crazy! I don’t get it.

Me wearing makeup is a dream come true for her.  It was like I never blossomed into a woman, despite being 30 and all.

Several weeks ago, I went to my parents’ place for the first time wearing a tiny bit of foundation, a cheek stain, and a plummy lipstick worn as a lip stain.  When my mom saw me, I swear there was light in her eyes.  I never knew that seeing me wearing makeup would make her somewhat happy.

She even told me this:

Mom: Ang ganda mo ngayon anak.
Me: (ano daw?!?!)

And to E***:

Mom: Ang swerte mo sa anak ko, E***.  Ang ganda ng anak ko e.
Me: (ano daw, ulit?!?!)


What possessed my mom? and where did it take her?

But I will admit, my heart raced fast and there were butterflies in my stomach.

Kilig lang.


P.S. I think my lipstick collection is complete.

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Kickoff: The 7-Day Purederm Wash-off Moisture Mask Experiment

Most of the time, it’s impossible to walk out of a Watsons store empty-handed.  I went there just to buy ibuprofen and I went back to the office with these:

I’m not sure whether I bought this on a buy 1 take 1 or a buy 2 take 1 deal.  The biggest pouch that looks like tetrapack-ed juice costs 99 php.  The rest are all around 50 php, or less.

Anyway, I had the brightest idea of using the Skin Soothing Moisture Mask in a 7-Day Mask Experiment.  Sab did a similar experiment using sheet masks. I wanted to try it out but imagining myself laying on a dripping sheet of fabric-y type mask, removing it, washing my face, and cleaning up is too much work.

Purederm Skin Soothing Moisture Mask

At least with this one, I would just slather the goop on my face and save myself from having to align my eyes, nose, and mouth with the holes of a mask.

See you in 7 days guys.


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